Now that your baby has arrived and you are trying to get yourself together.Sometimes it may not be as easy as you think .

Oftentimes,this is made even more harder if you don’t prioritise and have a daily set plan ,without one the days will run fast and you will end up asking yourself what you were doing all this time.

The early days of birth can be overwhelming especially for first time mums, we feel we can be superwoman by juggling so many things at the same time caring for the baby ,doing house chores and cooking,entertaining guests and family members and not forgetting your husband who also needs your undivided attention.

All the while forgetting to take care of the most important person which is YOU!

This can leave you feeling all burnt out.No need to worry there are actually simple things you need to do and keep in check so that at the end of the day you and your baby are getting the necessary bonding time.


As you are try to adjust to life as a new mum,you and your spouse/ Partner have to come to a compromise about certain things that will make your life easier.

The number one bone of contention for many couples is Visitors.How do you handle the number of visitors who will stop over ?

Imagine after having a sleepless night with the baby and just when you are trying to take a quick shut eye you have visitors.What do you do ,do you attend to them or ask them to leave?

At this stage you and your spouse or partner have to be firm and stand your ground about people dropping in unannounced.

You can let family and friends know to call ahead of time to schedule an appropriate time to visit.Explain to them why you will be needing some space from visits. You don’t want people dropping in at all hours of the day when you need to be resting.


There is absolutely no harm in asking for some help when everything seems unbearable,that’s what family and friends are there for.
This is where your support system comes in ,this may be in the form of your spouse or partner , family members or a paid help.
They will help to take the load off of you so you can focus all your energy on your baby.

You can have someone drop by daily or twice a week to help with the cleaning of the house.Family members can take turns bringing food or cook for you and run simple errands.



This is very necessary in the early days of your birth.If you begin to feel like there’s so much on your plate ,stop and take a breather.
Your body has gone through one of life’s most extraordinary experience.

You have just had a child and everything is moving at an alarmingly fast pace.You are trying to to come to terms with this new addition and get your body back in tune .

It’s a whole new terrain for you, not only caring for yourself but for a totally dependent human being .

If you are worried about the cleanliness of the house or the dirty dishes piling up ,just think if you breakdown or your health is in jeopardy, life carries on. So just take it slow, one day at a time .
In time ,everything will be just fine .


If you ask around ,you will be amazed at the high number of new mums who have had postnatal depression.Shocking as this may seem ,it is actually true .

Have an outlet to express yourself by talking to someone.You can find a support group .

At this point speak your mind freely ,don’t keep anything bottled up .If you start to feel lost ,it would be helpful to speak with your spouse/partner or a close friend or a family member.

Post natal depression can easily set in if you are trying to grapple with your situation and do not speak out.

There are support networks or groups for women who have had children and need to decompress by talking to someone.(The Audrey Pack is working on starting a Birth partner for mothers ,will keep you informed once it has taken off).

It might even be a mother you respect and whose views are similar to yours.

Speaking out can be very helpful and you will be surprised at how quickly you will begin to feel better just by talking to someone.If you are not careful, Depression will creep in quickly if you bottle up your emotions.

As the famous saying goes,a problem shared is half solved.


There’s nothing as fulfilling as knowing that every day you wake up you know you have something to accomplish . Don’t just go with the flow, plan your days ahead so you are kept on your toes.
You will be the happier for it .

Lastly, enjoy the moment .

Motherhood such a beautiful experience and each phase can pass so fast ,so be of sound mind, take care of yourself and love each moment.