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Africa / Nigerian Baby Names


  1 Ada Female Igbo First daughter or girl. Also refers to a female or daughter.



  3 Ada-afo Female igbo Female born on the third day in igbo land


  4 Adaeke Female igbo Female born on “Eke” day ( four days make a week according to igbo culture, and “Eke” is the first day of a week)



  6 Adaeze Female Igbo Senior daughter of the King


  7 Adaeze  Female Igbo Princess king’s Daughter


  6 Adaka Unisex Igbo Adaka is a chimp or an ape noted for its agility and prowress. The name bearer personifies these qualities. The name came about as an alias.


  7 Adaku Female Igbo Daughter of wealth



  8 Adaku Female Igbo Daughter of wealth



  9 Adamma Female Igbo Daughter of beauty



  10 Adankwo Female igbo Female born on the fourth (last) day in igbo land


  11 Adanma Female Igbo Beautiful princess; first lady




 12 Adanna Female Igbo God’s/ daddy’s daugher


 13 Adanna Female Igbo Father’s daughter


  14 Adanna Female Igbo Adanna means you are the first daughter of your Father


  15 Adannaya Female igbo her fathers daughter



  16 Adanne Female igbo first daughter


  17 adaobi Female igbo First daughter of the royal palace.( princess)



  18 Adaoma Female igbo beautiful daughter


  19 Adaora Female Igbo The princess of the People.


  20 Adaora Female Igbo First daughter of the people


  21 Adaora  Female Igbo Daughter of all


  22 Adaorie Female igbo Female born on the “Orie” day (Orie or Olie is the second day of the week according to igbo culture or way of counting days)


  23 Adaugo Female igbo The daughter of the Crown (The Princess)



  24 Adaure Female Igbo Daughter/girl born with joy/ Joyful daughter/girl


  25 adesua Female igbo center of wealth



  26 Adeze Female igbo Senior Kings Daughter




  27 Adibuah Unisex Igbo A variant of Abuah. (Means two of us). The arival of a male child is welcome. The bearer is seen as a companion; a second male to the father.



  28 Adika Male Igbo God has done noble. God is good. God came through in my request. God is great.


  29 Adimabua Male Igbo I am now two


  30 Adindu Male Igbo We are alive


  31 Adindu Female Igbo If you are alife you we know what to do


  32 Adinweruka Unisex Igbo I do not deserve to be displaced. A reference to a situation that the family’s position was threatened. The arrival of the bearer is also seen as maintaining this rightful place of the family.


  33 Aduba Unisex Refers to envy and resentment directed at the family by detractors. A commemoration of such and a plea that no evil should befall the name bearer


  34 Afam Unisex Igbo . A plea that the family name should not be extinct. The arrival of the name bearer is thus extolled and ssen as a continuation of the lineage


  35 Afamefuna Male Igbo My name would not be lost


  36 Afoaka Unisex Igbo There is a cause for the difficulties which the family has gone or is going through. God is asked to stave off whatever evil that are behind these problems.


  37 Afubera Unisex Igbo Not having seen a thing like this. The name bearer is this unique character; a priceless pearl. God is extoled for making this uniqueness.


  38 agbaegbu Male Igbo convenant doesnt kill


  39 Agbakoba Unisex Igbo . Rallying around the rich or as in Agbakoba Emelie dike. Rallying to defeat a fortified enemy. The bearer is named after such account. Both explaination tend to unity. The bearer is a paragone of unity, strength and progress.


  40 Agbeze Male Igbo Next King or Next in line for the throne





  41 Agbogu Unisex Igbo God settles disputes. A reference to hostilities prevalent at a time and a plea to God to protect the bearer and family from such hostilities.



  42 Agbu  Unisex Igbo Implies resistanc to shackles and other obstacles in life. The bearer is a symbol of resistance, courage and strong will .


  43 Agha Unisex Igbo Simply means war. A commemoration of such conflicts


  44 Aghadiuno Unisex Igbo War within the kindred; a commemoration of internal family conflict.


  45 Aghirigha Male Igbo Second of the twins


  46 Agu Unisex Igbo Simply means leopard. A personification of agility and strength of a leopard. Bearers are seen to have these characteristics.


  47 Agulefo Unisex Igbo Whatever happens, there must be somebody; a principal character that must would be remembered for his good works. The name signifies a better hope.


  48 Agunkwo Unisex Igbo Death is here likened to a kite that carries away its prey at a fellswoop. A plea that the family is saved from incessant deaths. The bearer is wishes a long life.


  49 Agusia Unisex Igbo A variant of Agusiobo; Agusina Obo


 50   Agusiobo Unisex Igbo Play down on vengeance. A reference to a volatile situation that demanded play down on vengeance. The name bearer symbolises this turn from vengeance to forgiveness.


  51 Aguzani Unisex Igbo May the land be free from all blemishes and evil. The world of the name bearer is prayed to be trouble free. The child is wished well.


  52 Agwa Male igbo Character


  53 Agwu Male igbo Who Knows the will of god


  54 Ahanna Male igbo KING; in the name of the father



  55 Aideloje Male Igbo You can’t change a king 


  56 Aideloje Male Igbo You can’t change a king


  57 Aigboudwa Male Igbo Un changeable destiny



  58 Akpali Unisex Igbo This is a title and an alias. The name stuck as a family name over a period of time.


  59 Akpom Unisex Igbo A plea not to criticise unfairly. The name commemorates such a bellicose situation which the family has no hand in. The name bearer is wished well.


  60 Akuchinyere Female igbo God given wealth


  61 akuchukwu Male igbo Gods wealth


  62 akudo Female igbo peaceful wealth


  63 Akunna Female igbo Fathers Wealth



  64 AKunna /Akuchi Unisex Igbo Fathers wealth/Treasure


  65 akunne Unisex igbo Mother’s wealth


  66 akuoma Female igbo good wealth


  67 Akuwueziuka Unisex Igbo Prosperity is a good talk


  68 Akwa-Ugo Female igbo Egg of an Egual


  69 Akwa-Ugo Female igbo Egg of an Egual


  70 Alanna Male Igbo Land of my father.





  71 Alozie- uwa Male Igbo One who arrived into the world at the right time


  72 Amaechi Unisex Igbo Who knows tomorrow


  73 amaisiuwa Male igbo hwo knows the begining of this world


  74 Amaka Female Igbo Beauty



  75 Amamchukwu Male igbo Do I know God’s Will?


  76 Amanze Male igbo King of the people


  77 Akuziem Female igbo God has taught me a lesson


  78 amarachi Female igbo who knows god


  79 Amarachi Female Igbo The grace of God


  80 Amarachi Female igbo God’s grace


  81 Amarachi Female igbo God’s grace


  82 amarachi Female igbo grace from god



  83 Amarachl Male Igbo The grace of god


  84 Amarachukwu Female Igbo God’s Grace





  85 Amechi Unisex Igbo Who knows tomorrow? Only God knows tomorrow.



  86 Amene Unisex Igbo A variant of Anyamene, Anyamene uwa. Looking forward with hope.


  87 Amese Unisex Igbo  Let there be peace. The name bearer is a symbol of peace.




  88 Ameze Female Igbo Calm River


  89 Amogechukwu Female Igbo No one knows Gods timing


  90 Amuchechukwu Female Igbo I dont know the will of god


  91 Amuta Unisex Igbo Extolling God’s gift of procreation. The arrival of the bearer, the second male child, is welcomed.


  92 Anagu Male Igbo Land of the Lions


  93 Anah Unisex Igbo A variation of Ani; Mother Earth, the source of all goodness. The name bearer is a product of this virture.


  94 Anakwe Unisex Igbo The Earth goddes has accepted the offspring. The benevolence of God is thus extolled.


  95 Analo Unisex Igbo Let the Earth contemplate the past and the future of the name bearer/family. A variation of Anigekwu and Anikpe


  96 Anamma Unisex Igbo Extolling the goddes of the earth. The bearer is a product of such benevolence made possible by God.


  96 Ananti Unisex Igbo Do not mind what people say. Hence, avoid obfuscation of one’s pathway to progress. A variation of Egenti


  97 Anataogu Unisex Igbo Having come back from war, peace reigns again. The name commemorates the end of this hostility.


  98 anayo Male igbo praise God


  99 Anazonwu Unisex Igbo A plea to mother earth to save the name bearer from early death; or as in Anazonwu azo; nobody wishes or spoils for death. This calls for a restrain on unnecessary struggle in life.



  100 Anguli Female Igbo Joy
  101 Aniebonam Unisex Igbo Mother earth is requested to absolve the name from false acusations.


  102 Aniegboka Unisex Igbo Extolling Mother Earth for the deliverance and protection of the name bearer.


  103 Aniegbunam Unisex Igbo A plea to Mother Earth to save the name bearer/family.


  104 Anieka Female igbo Know It All


  105 Aniekweogwu Unisex Igbo As in Ekweogwu


  106 Aniemena Unisex Igbo A plea to mother Earth not to invoke ills on the family or name bearer.. Also stands for “God forbids bad things” expression.


  107 Anierobi Unisex Igbo There is nothing in life to warrant fright of a weakened heart. This implies strong will, boldness and determination required in life. The name bearer is a symbol of this inner strength.


  108 Anigekwu Unisex Igbo Let the Earth goddess intercede. Such judgement is seen to favor the name bearer/family that is deemed innocent.


  109 Anikamadu Unisex Igbo Earth as the source of life surpasses mankind. Extolling the benevolence of Mother Earth.


  110 anikpeh,  Male igbo may the gods of land judge.


  111 Anionwu Unisex Igbo Death is not something you wish someone. A corollary is a plea for longevity and prosperity.



  112 Aniweta Unisex Igbo The product of Mother Earth.


  113 Antara Unisex Igbo The given child


  114 Anuka Unisex Igbo A reference to efforts put in ensuring that the family rights and place were maintained. The name commemorates this endeavour.



  115 anulika  Unisex igbo Happines



  116 anum Unisex igbo brave



  117 Anumonye Unisex Igbo Turning a deaf ear. The name bearer is an epitome of tenacity.



  118 Anwa Unisex Igbo Desist from tempting me because you are not my God. reference to strong will mustered by the family to counter such temptation.


  119 Anwasi Unisex Igbo Don’t tempt me


  120 Anwilichukwu Female Igbo God’ s joy


  121 Anwilika Female Igbo Joy is great


 122  Anyaduba Unisex Igbo A variant of Aduba. refers to resentments and envy from one’s kindred. A plea that the family or name bearer is not affected by such envy.


  123 Anyaegbunam Unisex Igbo May the uncomplimentary views of others not bother of affect me. A reference to such vexatious comments and a plea to be saved and protected from such.


  124 Anyaeji Unisex Igbo May the envy and malice directed at the family be stopped or not have any effect.


  125 Anyafulu Unisex Igbo What the eyes have seen. This could mean both difficult and pleasant times. The former is a commemoration of past difficulties the family encountered while the lattter is a testimony of the good thing – the birth of the name bearer.


  126 Anyagaligbo Unisex Igbo A General Oversier, a Watchman on a Watchtower; The eyes that runs to- and fro- the whole Ibo land. The bearer of this name is destined to go Places. 


 127 Arinze Unisex Igbo By the grace, wisdom and power of God. The name bearer is a gift from God.



  128 Arinzechukuw Male Igbo Thank GOD=Arinzechukuw and Thank you=Arinze


  129 Arinzechukwu Male igbo Thanks be to God



  130 Asa Female igbo A very beautiful girl.


  131 Asam Female igbo How/where do I begin to respond to my detractors. How much can I thank God for his mercy.
An affirmation of my womanhood with the birth of a child.


  132 Ashinedu Unisex igbo God is our help


  134 Ashinedu Unisex igbo God is our help


  135 Ashioma Female igbo God is beautiful


  136 Asika Unisex Igbo The name emanates from disagreement within the kindred but seeks solution to it. The name bearer is seen to bring about this truce.



  137 Asomugha Unisex Igbo No reason to be full of regrets and bitterness. I abhor malice. A commemoration of a situation demanding such frank comments. The bearer is an embodiment of vigour, new turns, and determination.


  138 Asswa Male igbo Lovely



  139 Attoh Unisex Igbo The land is praised. The Earth Goddes – Ani, is commended for accepting the name bearer. The child is a product of God’s benevolence.


  140 Atuanya Unisex Igbo Given certain unfavorable circumstances, the birth of a child, the name bearer, was unexpected. The joy it beget is bountiful. An appreciation of God’s work.


  141 Atuona Unisex Igbo A special characteristics resembling that of a precious metal.


 142  Balimulu Male Igbo Be a great person. parents of the bearer asking the bearer to be great for them.



  143 balinlum Female igbo God as favour me



  144 Belu Unisex Igbo A variant of Bosah. Reverence to the creator of Belu Onwu; acknowledging death which by implication calls for an entreaty for longevity.


  145 Bengiongelesule Female igbo You don’t know if your husband or wife actions are good until after you marry and live with them.



  146 Binachi Female igbo Dwell in God, live in God



  147 Binyelum Female igbo Live with me



  148 blinuam  Female igbo God favour me


  149 Bosah Unisex Igbo Acknowledging that death is inevitable and could strike unannounced, hence a plea for longevity.



  150 buowan Female igbo daughter




  151 Chımobı Male Igbo God knows our hearts


  152 Chiamaka Female Igbo God is good


  153 Chiamaka Female igbo God is beautiful







  154 Chiamanda Unisex Igbo God will not fail/ God will not fall.


  155 Chiapali Female Igbo Promotion comes from God


  156 Chiasokam Female Igbo God is sweet ~or~ God is sweet to me


  157 chiazam Female igbo God have answered me



  158 Chibogu Male Igbo Im trying to find the meaning


  158 Edoziem Male igbo well kept care


  159 Efemena Male Igbo Rich, Powerful baby




  160 egbukichi Male igbo it pleases god



  161 Egbuna Male Igbo DON’T KILL ME/US


  162 Egbuna Unisex Igbo A plea to God to save the name bearer/family.


163   Egbunike Unisex Igbo The wrath of God on the people’s misdeeds is pleaded for. His mercy is sought.


  164 Egbuniwe Unisex Igbo Another supplication to God to spare the name bearer though as human beings we may have offended God in several ways and attracted his wrath


  165 Egodigbo Female Igbo It means, money has always been in existence long before civilisation.This is actually an old name.


  166 Egwuatu  Unisex Igbo Death is never afraid. God’s protection is hence sought to save the name bearer/family·


  167 Egwuchi Unisex Igbo The fear of God


 168  Egwuwa Unisex Igbo Fear of the world



  169 Ejem Unisex Igbo Did I visit or consult anybody? It is all happening by the power of God.. God’s benevolence is praised. The name bearer is dedicated to God.


  170 Ejiamike Unisex Igbo Do not try your devilish powers on me. A plea that no evil shall befall the name bearer. Or a plea to God tolorate and fortify the family. The name bearer is a product of this support.


  171 Ejikeme Male Igbo It is not by power


  172 Ejikeme Unisex Igbo It is not by my power but by divine power. The name bearer is a product of divine intervention.


  173 Ejiofor  Unisex Igbo I am bestowed with righteousness and virtue. The name bearer is an embodiment of justice and fairness.



  174 Ejogu  Unisex Igbo By this act one proclaims innocence/probity. A commemoration of a situation that demanded this proclamation. God’s intercession is sought on behalf of the family. The bearer is named against this backdrop.


  175 Eke Unisex igbo Creator


  176 Ekekwe Unisex Igbo If God agrees


  177 Ekeleme Male Igbo What has been decreed will be done


  178 Ekemini Unisex igbo a big toothed monster


  179 Ekemma Female igbo pretty girl born on eke market day



  180 ekene Male igbo what to know the meaning



  181 ekene diri chukwu Male igbo Give thanks to God


  182 Ekenedilichukwu Male Igbo Glory be to God


183   Ganiru Male Igbo Good Luck



  184 Genechi Male Igbo Come or go and see God´s doing.




  185 Ginika Female igbo there  is nothing greater than God


  186 Ginika Female igbo there  is nothing greater than God


  187 Ginikachi Female igbo what’s greater than God


  188 Ginikachuku Unisex igbo What is above God?


  189 Ginikachukwu Female igbo Ginikachukwumeans: what/who is greater than God


  190 Ginikanwa Unisex Igbo What is greater than a child



  191 Godfrey Male Igbo Peace of God


  192 Godwin Unisex igbo God’s gift




  193 Hannah ume Female Igbo Evil people


  194 Hendilaha Male Igbo There is much in a name





  195 Ibegbu Unisex Igbo A plea for the deliverance from the antagonistic kindred. A reference to such incident.


  196 Ibegbu Male Igbo fellow human will not destroy



  197 Ibekwe Unisex Igbo The acceptance/agreement reached by the people is by implication seen as God’s wish. The name bearer is wished the support of the people.



  198 Ibelum Unisex Igbo My time to administer/occupy the family headship/throne has come. The arrival of a new baby boy guarantees the succession of the lineage. The arrival is a source of joy.


  199 Ibeneme Unisex Igbo Acknowledging that one’s kindred kindred can be devious, hence a plea that nothing sinister befalls the name bearer.


 200  Ibeneweka Male igbo Neighbors are always angry


  201 Ibeziako Unisex Igbo The sincerity of the people has taught me a lesson and made me wiser. The name bearer commemorates this new turn;wisdom



  202 Ibimina Female igbo happy family


  203 Ibisi Unisex Igbo A male child is relevant to the succession of the family headship and countinuation of the lineage. The name bearer is prayed for to be acknowledgeable and to administer his domain, successfully.



  204 Ibuzor Unisex Igbo The road to posterity begins with a male child



  205 Idinannakauru Unisex Igbo To have love and peace benefits more than qurrel



  206 Ivoh Female Igbo Literally, a water goddess known for giving children to barren women.  Philosophically it means fruitful, increase, plenty


  207 Iweagbu Unisex Igbo Anger destroys. Iwegbunam; an entreaty for restrain on one’s anger as not to hurt him – the agrieved. A reference to such a situation. The bearer’s arrival is seen to dampen this anger.


  208 Iweanya Unisex Igbo A plea to contain the wrath and envy that was replendent prior to the birth of the name bearer. The name bearer is named after such incidence and is wished well.


  209 Iwegbu Male Igbo Anger will not destroy


  210 Iwenjiora Unisex Igbo One’s anger directed to his kindred. A commemoration of the incident that warranted such anger.


  211 Iwenofu Unisex Igbo Enough of pent up anger. Implies forgiveness to those that have wronged the family. The arrival of the child is seen as a new turn for reconciliation.


  212 Iweobi Unisex Igbo Built up anger, that emanates from the heart should be contained. A reference to such anger.



  213 Iwuchukwu Unisex Igbo God’s convenant is unwavering. The name bearer is a testimony of God’s command.


  214 iwundu Male igbo convenant of life


  215 Iwuno Unisex Igbo Home policies and guidelines. A plea that the name bearer be protected by the laws of the land.



  216 Izuchukwu Male Igbo God’s plan



  217 izuchukwu Male igbo izuchukwu


  218 izukanne Female igbo Your secrest is safest in your family.


  219 Izunna Male Igbo God’s Wish


  220 Izuora Unisex Igbo Family concensus. The name bearer is welcomed by all and is a cynosure of peace, unity and enduring nexus.



221 Jehovadinyerem Male Igbo Jehova is with me


  222 Jelani Female Igbo Full of strength.



  223 Jide Male igbo Keep it fit


  224 jideofor Male igbo jideofor  it means be justified in whatever you do.


  225 Jideofor Male Igbo Keep your hand clean in whatever, you do in this world. And never you involve yourself in planning evil against your fellow human beings


  226 jimetochukwu Male igbo use me and praise God



  227 Jiro Unisex Igbo A reference to a period when the family’s farm/barn mysteriously withered. A plea as well that the name bearer be spared from mysterious calamities.


  228 Juochi Unisex Igbo Ask God




  229 kachimsiricho Male igbo As God want it


  230 Kainene Female Igbo Let’s see what will happen next. Let’s look to the future.



  231 kairachukwu Female igbo Let’s live it to God



  232 Kalu Male Igbo God of thunder.



  233 Kamalu Male Igbo God of thunder. Now a reference to describe God’s Power


  234 Kamanu Male Igbo God of thunder. Now a reference to describe God’s Power


  235 Kambienachi Unisex Igbo My own lives with God/let me live in God


  236 kambilichukwu Unisex igbo Let me live for God/let me live


  237 Kamdibe Unisex igbo May I persevere



  238 Kamsiyochi Male Igbo  As I asked, so God gave me.



  239 Kamsiyonna Female Igbo God has given me just as I have asked Him. Means the same as ‘Kamsiyochi’.



  240 kanayo,kanayo Male igbo high adoration


  241 Kanayochukwu Unisex Igbo Lets keep begging God


  242 Kanu Male Igbo God of thunder in Igbo mythology. Now a reference to the awesomeness of God’s power.


  243 kanyinelechukwu Male igbo Let’s look up to God.


  244 Kanyisiyochukwu Unisex igbo As we have asked God


  245 Kaobichimha Unisex Igbo How large my God’s heart is


  246 Kaodinakachi Male Igbo Let it be in God’s hands. Leave your destiny to God.



  247 Kasarachi Male Igbo Tell it to God



  248 Kasiemobi Female Igbo God comfort me


  249 kechinyere Female igbo God’s gift, what God has given



  250 Kelechi Unisex Igbo Thank God




  251 kelechi Male igbo Glorify God/Thank God




  252 kenechi Unisex igbo Thank god



  253 Kenechukwu Male Igbo Thanks be to God


  254 Kenna Female Igbo A child of God
  255 Ketanndu Male igbo  It means to inherit life. Having the prospect for life


  256 Kobichukwumee Male Igbo Heart of God


  257 Kobimtochi Male Igbo Let my heart praise God




  258 Kosisochukwu Unisex Igbo As it pleases God


  259 Kosisochukwu Female Igbo God’s wish


  260 kosi-so-chukwu Male igbo how its concerned God



  261 Kosoluchi Unisex Igbo The way god wants it


  262 Kristibueze Male Igbo Christ is a king


  263 Kristidimma Male Igbo Christ is good


  264 Kristiemeka Male Igbo Christ has has done well


  265 Kristinedum Unisex Igbo Christ is the one leading me on


  266 Kristinyelu Male Igbo Given by Christ; variation of Kristinyere


  267 Kristinyere Male Igbo Given by Christ; variation of Kristinyelu


  268 Kwasie Unisex Igbo To spill wealth. This is an alias. The family is considered opulent. The name bearer’s progress and prosperity is prayed for.


  269 Kwento Unisex Igbo A passionate plea to prevent the enemies from cutting short the life of the name bearer/family.



  270 Machie Unisex Igbo A variant of Madu adichie. A replacement of a lost gem. A case of the name bearer having arrived after the death of the father of brother. Thus, he is seen as a replacement/ consolation.


  271 Maduabuchi Male igbo Nobody is God


  272 Maduako Male Igbo People will not be scarce arround me.


  273 Madubueze Male igbo humanbeing is King


  274 Maduegbuna Unisex Igbo Let nobody kill another. Vexatious relationship prior to the birth of the name bearer warranted this entraty for restraint not to kill. the name bearer is wished well.


  275 Maduegbunam Unisex Igbo A passionate plea to protect the name bearer/family. The name bearer is wished long life.


  276 Maduenu Unisex Igbo Refers to wordly beings and highlights the impermanency of life. One is therefore expected to be prayerful. A plea for longevity in favor of the name bearer. Or Madu enu nam, let me not be pushed around. The name bearer is an embodiment of strength of


  277 Maduka Male Igbo Human is greater


  278 mahparah Female igbo piece of moon


  279 Maka Unisex Igbo Eulogising the advantages of goodwill. The name bearer is a product of God’s goodwill.




  280 Maryjane Female Igbo Bitterness



  281 Mazeli Unisex Igbo Be wary, An advice seeking the protection of the name bearer born in a topsy turvy world.


  282 Mba Unisex Igbo Death defies admonition. An entreaty for longevity.


  283 Mbachunam Unisex Igbo Let the people follow me, more like a leader/the world should not chase but follow me. Taking the lead, following my steps.



  284 Mbajekwe Unisex Igbo The populace will agree. A supplication for the name bearer to be accepted and supported by the people.


  285 Mbamaonyeukwu Male igbo when people come together to make a big and wonderful family,


  286 Medohmobi Male Igbo Calm my heart


  287 Mesoma Female igbo God’s time is the best


  288 Metu Male Igbo Test and See: get to know your neighbor so as to See how good he/she is



  289 Mgbechukwu Male Igbo Godstime is the best


  290 mgbeodichinma Male igbo when it pleases God


 291  Mgboro Female Igbo It is derived from one of the major market days in Ibo land. It means a girl born on ‘ orie’ market day.





292   Mmachukwu Female igbo Goodness of God / Gods glory



 293 Mmaobikankiru Unisex igbo the beauty of the heart, is  more beautiful, than that of the face.


 294 Mmesoma  Female igbo God is all mighty 


 295 Mmesomachi Female igbo The goodness of God


 296 Modozie Male igbo Spirit will/should bless


 297 Nchekwube Male Igbo Holding unto me


 298 Nchekwube Unisex igbo Hope


 299 Ndidi Female Igbo Patience



 300 Ndikom Unisex Igbo Group of men


 301 Ndomaya meccy igioma Female igbo My first love


 302 Nduamaka Unisex igbo Life is beautiful




 303 Ndubuisi Male igbo Ndubuisi means life is the head of everything, life is suprem




 304 Ndubuka Male Igbo Life is not easy


 305 Ndudi Female Igbo There is life


 306 Ndudiosiso Male Igbo life is hidden


 307 Nduka Male Igbo Life is greater


 308 Ndukaku Male Igbo Life is greater than wealth



 309 Ndukwe Male Igbo If life agrees


  3400 Ndulu Female Igbo A dove


  341 Ndulue Male igbo if life makes it


  342 Nebechi Unisex Igbo Look unto God


 343 Nebeolisah Male Igbo Thou Lord we look on.



 344 Ngoma Female Igbo That place is good of good reward




  345 Ngozi Female igbo Blessing



 346 Ngozichukwu Unisex Igbo God’s Blessing


 347 Ngozichukwuka Female Igbo God’s blessings are the greaest.


 348 Ngozika Female igbo Blessing


  349 Ngozika Unisex Igbo God is great


  350 Ngwanma Female igbo ingredients of beauty


  351 Ngwo Male igbo The only town with two local government area in igbo land


 352 Niadiquay Male Igbo Beautiful flower


  353 Nnamdindu Male Igbo My God is alive


 354  Nnamdi’s Male Igbo My God is alive,My father is alive


 355 Nnanna Male Igbo Father’s faher




  356 Nnayelum Male Igbo God gave me


 357 Nneamaka Female Igbo Mother is good


 358 Nnebuihe Female Igbo Mother is something



 359 Nnedimma Female igbo mother is good


 360 Nnedinma Female Igbo Motherhood is a good gift/thing. Or Mother is good


 361 Nnehika Female Igbo Mother is great





 362 Nneka Female Igbo Mother is supreme
 363 Nwadinma Unisex igbo child is good


 364 Nwadiuto Female igbo child is  sweet



 365 Nwakaego Female Igbo Child is greater than money


 366 Nwakanma Female Igbo Child is better



 367 Nwaku Female igbo child of wealth


 368 Nwakuso Female Igbo  A child is the sweetest



 369 Nwaloa Female Igbo Child welcome. Given to a girl when the parent’s allready have girls and where really hoping that this was a boy. She is still welcome.


 370 Nwalotanne Unisex IGBO Child remember your mother


371 Nwamaka Female igbo

Fine daughter/ fine girl


372 Nwando Female IGBO Child of Shade/Sanctuary


373 Nwanganga Unisex Igbo A proud Child


374 Nwanne Female Igbo Sister, Friend, Companion


 375 Nwanneamaka Female Igbo A name usually given to the second child. It means “a sister/companion is good”. In other words, the second child is there prevent the first from being lonely.


 377 Nwannedinobi Male igbo beloved sibling


 378 Nwanneka Female Igbo My siblings are supreme


 379 Obere Unisex Igbo Literary “small”: Younger of twins.


 380 Obeta Unisex Igbo Let it end today?




 381 Obi Male Igbo b means palace, or boy. Not b which means “heart.”



 382 Obiagaeliakunwa Female igbo The guest will enjoy the richness of a child.
“Richness” in sense of wisdom, talent, money etc of a child)



 383 Obiageliaku Female Igbo Born to wealth


 384 Obiagu Unisex igbo Lion heart



 385 Obiajulu Male igbo My mind is (now) at rest. Given to a male child borne after several female children – at the end of a long search for a male child.


 386 Obiajuru/obiajulu Male igbo The Heart is consoled


387 Obialunozo Male igbo Person born on OZO day or One who comes on OZO day


 388 Obijesu Male Igbo Heart of Jesus


 389 Obim Male Igbo My Heart




 390 Obinna Male Igbo The heart of the father





 391 Obinnaya Male Igbo A father’s heart


 322 Obiocha Female igbo

 Clean heart


393 Obioha Male igbo God is my strength


 394 Obioma Male Igbo Kindness





395 Obiora Male Igbo the people’s choice


396 Obiozor Unisex Igbo A child that was born in time of celebration (Ozor Title taking)



397  Oboni Male igbo Gift from god


398 Obumnaeke Male igbo am the creator of the world


399 Obumnaeke Male igbo am the creator of the world


400 Obumneke Male Igbo Do I create?


401 Obumneme Male igbo Am i the makers?


402 Obunike Male Igbo Through the power of God


403 Ochonma Unisex Igbo Seeking Beautiful Desires



404 Odawai Female Igbo Found in the midst of wealth/plenty



405 Odikaesieme  Unisex igbo How are things done?


406 Odikaesieme  Unisex igbo How are things done?


407 Odilakachi Male Igbo In gods hands



408 Odimegu Male igbo odimegu


409 Odinaka Female igbo In the hands of God


410 Odinakachi Unisex igbo (it’s) in God’s hands


411 Odinakachi Female igbo meanings and analyes


412 Odinakachukwu Unisex Igbo Is in the hand of God




413 Odogwu Male IGBO Victor, Leader



414 Ofodile Male IgbO I want to know the meaning


415 Ofojebe Male Igbo Favor of God


416 Ogadinma Female Igbo It will be well


417 oganachi Male igbo He who normaly run to God





418 Ogbonna Male igbo sweet son


419 Ogbonnaya Male igbo Father’s name sake


  420 Ogbonne Female igbo Mothers partner


 421 Ogbuani Male Igbo meaning of name is not known


 422 Ogechi Female Igbo God’s time



 423 Ogechukwu Unisex igbo god’s time is the best.



 424 Ogechukwu onuigbo Male igbo god’s time


 425 Ogechukwukanma Unisex igbo god time is the best


 426 Ogedi Male igbo more time


 427 Ogugua Unisex Igbo Comfort meFull name: Ogugua ma akwa



428 Ogwuejiofor Male igbo A Staff of War-fish




429 Ohuche Female igbo one mind


430 Ojinika Female Igbo What you have is greater than what you don’t have.



431 Okafor Male Igbo Born on an afor market day


432 Okakwu Male igbo A king



433 Okasinma Female igbo she is perfect



 434 Okebugwu Male Igbo God make me perestigious


435 Okebunor Male Igbo The first son of the house


436 Okechi Male Igbo Gods gift



437 Abba Male Hausa Father


438 Abdul-Aziz Male Hausa The Mighty


439 Abdul-Hafeez Sani Male Hausa Servant of the protector


440 Abdullah Male Hausa Servant of God


441 Abdulrahaman Male Hausa The Beneficient


442 Abdul Male Hausa Servant of God


443 Abdulsalam Male Hausa Messenger of Peace




444 Amira Female Hausa Don’t know


445 Asabe Female Hausa Born on Saturday



446 Auta Female Hausa Last-born


447 Azumi Male Hausa Born during fastin



448 Babangida Male Hausa Father of the house


449 Bako Male Hausa Guest





450 Binta Female hausa Damsel


451 Bitrus Male Hausa Peter


452 Danjuma Male Hausa Born on a Friday




453 Danlami Male Hausa Son born on thusday


454 Dauda Male Hausa David



 455 Fiddausi Female Hausa Paradise


456 Gambo Unisex Hausa boy or girl born after twins




457 Halimat Female Hausa Gentle, mild-mannered, and generous



458 Hansatu Female Hausa Mother of many children.


459 Hassan Male Hausa First of twin boys


460 Hassana Female Hausa Female of Hassan


461 Hauwa Female Hausa Eve


462 Hussein Male Hausa Last of twin boys


463 Husseina Female Hausa Female of Hussein


464 Ibrahim Male Hausa Abraham




465 Jummai Female Hausa Child born on Friday


666 Kauna Unisex Hausa Love


467 Ladi Female Hausa Born on Sunday



468 Lami Female Hausa Born on Thursday


469 Magaji Male Hausa Successor


470 Magajiya Female Hausa Successor


471 Maryam/Mairo Female Hausa Mary the Mother of Jesus. 



472 Medinat Male Hausa A place of  worship of God



473 Mustafa Male Hausa The choosen one


474 Mohammed Male Hausa Praise worthy


475 Mukhtar Male Hausa The chosen one



476 Murna Female Hausa Joy


477 Musaddiq Male Hausa Trustworthy


478 Nafisa Female Hausa Precious



479 Nasir Male Hausa Supporter, protector



480 Rabiu Male Hausa Fourt child


481 Rahama Female Hausa Mercy



482 Rasheed Male Hausa Rightly guided


483 Rayowa Female hausa Life


484 Rukayat female Hausa One who God loves



485 Salim Male Hausa  Peace


486 Sulaiman Male Hausa Solomon


487 Samaila Male Hausa Samuel




488 Suraj Male Hausa The lamp



489 Talatuwa Female Hausa Born on tuesday


 490 Tanko Male Hausa Boy born after 3 or 4 girls


491 Turai Female Hausa  Female child born on tuesday.


492 Usman Male Hausa The choosen one


493 Wosilat Female Hausa The light of God


494 Yahaya Male Hausa John



495 Yakubu Male Hausa  Jacob
496 Zainab Female Hausa A fragrant flowery plant’, ‘Desert Flower’ or ‘an ornamented tree’.



497 Abaku Male Benin When you miss


498 Abeiuwa Female Benin Born in a good time


 499 Abiamu Female Benin It’s the father I’ve chosen


500 Abiewmense Female Benin Born with pride and dignity, or a child that her birth was well appreciated.


501 Abieyuwa Female Benin A child born into wealth and prosperity.


502 Abiodun Unisex Benin Born into good life.


503 Abosede Female Benin Born on Sunday or at the start of week


504 Adaze Male Benin A noble man


505 Adesotu Unisex Benin Nucleus of the group


 506 Adesuwa Female Benin The crown of Beauty


507  Adiaye Unisex Benin Coming to the world.



 508 Agbon Male Benin Life


509 Agbondiwmin Female Benin Life is full of mystery


510 Agbongiator Male Benin Life can be arranged


511 Agbonifo Male Benin The world never end.


512 Agbonisalo Male Benin Life is too short


513 Agbonkhina Male Benin This is Life or Welcome to Life


514 Agbonsailo Male Benin Life is too short


515 Agbonserema Male Benin The world is not too much with us


 516  Agbontaen Male Benin Life is a long journey


517 Agbonzee Male Benin The world is a difficult and complicated.


518 Aghadiaye Male Benin When you are coming to the world.


519 Aghahuwa Unisex Benin When one is in search of prosperity.


520  Aghama Unisex Benin When one is a good human being.




521  Aghatise Male Benin If you play a game


522 Aghatotikolo Male Benin Engaging in petty talk and gossip waste valuable time


523 Aghayere Male Benin If one remember


524 Aghedo Male Benin Looking after Benin


525  Aghomo Male Benin Looking after children


526 Agidigbi Male Benin A stout and muscular man


527 Ahanor Male Benin Making a selection. One that is very selective.


528 Ahigbe Male Benin Indestructable



529  Aibuedefe Unisex Benin No one predict when wealth will come


530 Aibueku Female Benin Don’t be partial in executing justice



 531 Aifuwa Male Benin You don’t rush prosperity


532 Aigbe Male Benin Indestructible


533 Aigbedion Male Benin We can’t kill one who’s an elder


534 Aigbekaen Male Benin We can’t kill the clan


535 Aigbogho Female Benin Respect is mutual; and respect always overshadows lack of respect.


536 Aigbokai Male Benin We cannot kill a human being


537 Aighobahi Male Benin Do not wish you were the king because uneasy lies the head that wears the crown


538 Aikaronehiomwan Male benin one never die befor their spirit


539 Aikherome Male Benin I can’t be worn out or weary of child-bearing


540 Aikhomu Male Benin We don’t kill a child


541 Aikpitanyi Male Benin No one can dispute this


542 Aimienorgho Male Benin No one want you to be of his rank


543 Aimierovbiye Female Benin Sibblings (my mother’s children) have been good to me.


544   Aimiuwu Unisex Benin None can plead with death


545  Airewele Unisex Benin We don’t walk by chance




546 Aisien Male Benin Don’t deny, be sincere.


 547 Amowie Male Benin Early morning rainfall




548 Aniyemawen Female Benin I am content with what the Lord has given to me.


549 Aoise Female Benin God will do yours


550  Arebesunu Male Benin We either know or don’t know what is happening.


551 Arese Female Benin She came at in good time



552 Asemota Male Benin God has answered my case


553 Asenoguan Female Benin You have to mature enough to have this type of audience


 554 Asiriuwa Unisex Benin Pulling the rope of success and prosperity.



555 Asoro Male Benin Was a brilliant and brave army general of Benin kingdom armed forces that fought the British invasion.



556 Atekha Unisex Benin Who could have thought



 557 Atewe Female Benin Who could have imagine




558 Degbueyi Male Benin Keep to yourself




559 Ebhaleleme Male Benin You won’t be the ones to follow me


560 Ebietsuwa Unisex Benin Given birth to away from home



561 Eboigbe Unisex Benin I serve the gods


562 Ebuehi Unisex Benin Treasure of destiny



563 Ebuwa Female Benin Treasure of prosperity and fame


564 Edamwen Unisex Benin (1.) I am not discomforted. (2.) I am not upset at all. (3.) I don’t missed what ever was at stake


565 Edebiri Male Benin Living a fulfilling life.


566  Edegbe Male Benin Day break


567 Edehi Unisex Benin Day of destiny


568 Edeken Unisex Benin Sabbath day


569 Edekere Male Benin There are more days



570 Edeosa Female Benin God’s time


571 Edionseri Male Benin The illumination of the elders and pioneer.



572 Edobor Male Benin Benin the good sorcerer.


573 Edoghogho Unisex Benin A day of joy and happiness


574 Edogiawerie Male Benin It is impossible to flip the Edos over.


575 Edoise Male Benin It is God I serve



576 edokpayiyi Male benin Destine is once


577 Edoreisiagbon Male Benin Edo land the center of the Universe.


578 Edoreisieuwa Unisex Benin Edo the land of prosperity, culture and civility.


579 Edorisigbon Male Benin Edo is the nucleus of the Universe



580 Edosa Unisex Benin God’s day



 581 Edosewele Female Benin The day of the Lord has dawn


582 Edugie Unisex Benin Day of festivities


583 Edun Male Benin Abreviation of Ayedun (life is sweater by his birth.)


584 Eduwa Female Benin This child is a harbinger of good things


 585 Efe Male Benin Wealth


 586 Efe Female Benin Fair, beautiful, Pretty



587 Efehi Female Benin The wealth of destiny


 588 Efeosa Female Benin God’s wealth



589 Efomo Female Benin The wealth of a child


590 Efosa Male Benin God’s Wealth


591 Efosa igbinosa Female Benin I give myself to God
592   Efosasere Unisex Benin God’s wealth is greater


593  Egbe Male Benin Body


 594  Egbede Unisex Benin You cannot buy a child


 595 Egberanmwen Female Benin Good health is better than riches


 596 Egbo Male Benin Forest



 597  Egharevba Male Benin Remain. Somebody the enemies had no choice but to let alone.


 598 Eghe Female Benin Period in time.


 599 Eghele Male Benin Able body young male.


 600 Eghobamien Male Benin Is the reign of an Oba that reference is made. The time period of an Oba that people know.


 601 Eghonghon Unisex Benin Happiness or Merry-making Joy


 602  Eghosa Male Benin God’s servant


603   Eghosa Unisex Benin God’s time


 604  eghosaosere Unisex benin God’s time is the best


 605  Eghosasere Unisex Benin God’s time is the best


 606  Eguaogie Male Benin The Kings and chiefs palace


 607 Eguaojie Male Benin The kings and chiefs palace


 608  Eguaseki Male Benin The king’s palace is of more importance than the market place.


609   Eguavoen Male Benin The palace is adequatelly populated and brings joy to the king.



 610  Ehiarekhian Male Benin Walking with the spirit, or walking with ones destiny


 611  Ehigiamusoe Unisex Benin Destiny or spirit will enable accomplish the reasons for my being


 612  Ehigiator Male Benin Our spirit let us have a long life.


 613  Ehigie Male Benin Destiny or the spirit has asigned me.



 614  Ehime Unisex Benin I’m not the one


 615  Ehimwenma Female Benin My destiny is good.


 616  Ehinomen Unisex Benin a child of Goodluck


   Ehiormwan Male Benin personal destiny


 617 Ehiosu Female Benin Destiny leads ones life journey



 618 Ehiozuwa Female Benin Is destiny that choose prosperity and wealth


 619  Ehizogie Unisex benin destiny


 620  Ehizogie Female Benin Destiny choose a king. Destiny choose a leader.



 621  Ejeme Unisex Benin This child belongs to me


622 ejemhen Unisex benin A place thats beautiful


 623 Ekan Female Benin Prescious metal.



624 Fehi Male Benin Destiny’s prosperity


 225 Fosa Male Benin God’s wealth


 626  Giagbazilo Male Benin Lets have a positive discussion to achieve a specific goal.


 627  Giagbaziro Male Benin Lets have a positive discussion to achieve specific result.


 628  Guobadia Male Benin Resides with the king.


 629  Guona Male Benin Knows how to design


630 Guwmendia Female Benin Lets co-exist



 631  Iberatu Female Benin We gave birth to a good person


632   Ivie Female Benin See what I’ve given birth to


 633  Ibude Unisex Benin Advice



634 Idehen Male Benin I’m satisfied



635 Iden Female Benin A benin queen who sacrifice her life for her husband (the king) to enable peace to reign in Benin kingdom.


 636 Idia Female Benin Warrior Queen



637  Idiahi Female Benin The reason


 638  Idubor Male Benin The Idu deity is a good and truthful sorcerer.


 639  Edukpaye Male Benin Edo or Benin, the elevation life.


640   Ifaluyi Male Benin The Ifa deity is to be respected.


641  Ifueko Female Benin Calm


 642  Igandan Male Benin God is good


 643 Igbaghon Female Benin Igbaghon river: A very special river purported to be spiritual river with motherly quality. This river is in some where in Orhionwmon local government area of Edo state.


644  Igbenedion Male Benin A life that’s cultured


645 Igbinazaka Male Benin A powerful animal came to the rescue. Or seeking refuge in the domain of a powerful animal.


 646  Igbinedion Male Benin Seeking refuge in the elder’s protection.


 647  Igbinidu Male Benin I seek refuge in Idu deity protection


 648  Igbinoba Male Benin Seeks refuge in Oba’s protection



 649  Igbinoghodua Unisex Benin I took refuge in the protection of God almighty


 650  igbinomwanhia Male benin I run to everyone


 651  Igbinosa Male Benin Seeking refuge in God’s protection


 652  Igbinosun Male Benin I took refuge in the protection of Osun deity




 653 Ighekpe Male Benin A very itchy plant that said it alone can survive in the forest



654  Ighiwiyisi Male Benin (1.) I will not be lost in foreign land. (2.) I will always remember my root and origin


 655 Igho Male Benin Money


 656 Ighodaro Male Benin Looking forward


 657  Ighomo Female Benin Money spend on raising a child.



 658 Igiebor Male Benin Igie the talented sorcerer.



659 Igoghohon Male Benin The feather of an Eagle.


660  Igoghohon Male Benin The eagle’s feather


661   Iguehiduwa Female benin destine to be rich



662  Ihasuyi Female Benin Iha or Ifa deity earns respect


663   Ikan Male Benin A strong and powerful rope


664   Ikazuabe Male Benin Evil is not good



665   Ikpesi Male Benin Healthy able body young men.


666   Ikponmwosa Male Benin Thank you God


667   Ikponmwosa Unisex Benin I thank God


668   Ikuvbogie Female Benin i don’t know can somebody who knows tell me



 669  Imade Female Benin I did not fall from grace


 670  Imadeyunuagbon Unisex Benin I did not fall into the hands of the (bad people of the) world
I did not fall…


 671  Imadiyi Unisex Benin I did not break the rules and regulation


672   Imafidon Male Benin I did not miss it


673   Imalele Unisex Benin I did not follow.


674   Imalele Unisex Benin I do not mind,or I am not worried.


 675  Imanrenakhue Male Benin No one knows tomorrow


676   Imanrenakhue Male Benin No one knows tomorrow



677   Imariabe Female Benin I am not guilty. I am exonorated.



 678  Imariagbe Male Benin I did not destroy the foundation of my family, or the foundation of my clan.


679   Imasuen Male Benin I did not start.


 680  Imatitikua Unisex Benin I will not loose my glow and fame. Or I am famous to the end.


681 Imazehiagan Female Benin I am not destin to be barren.


682  Imina Unisex Benin Dream


683  Imose Female Benin Beautiful one


684   Imudia Unisex Benin I am standing firmly


685  Imuetiyansa Male Benin I put my trust in God


686  Imuwahen Female Benin The beginning of my wealth and prosperity.



687   Imuwamwenhen Female Benin the beginning of success


688   Imwenosa Female Benin I have God


689  Inegbedion Male Benin My family fought my cause for me



690   Iredia Male Benin I am here to stay


691   Irene Unisex Benin I have arrived


692   Irenegbe Female Benin keeping my dignity


693 Ireyuwa Unisex Benin I came into prosperity


694  Irhenegbe Female Benin I know how to keep my dignity


695  Iriabe Male Benin Abbreviation of Imariabe (I am not guilty).


696  Iriagbonse Male Benin This is how life is or Life’s extent


697   Iriuwa Male Benin Strenght of prosperity.


698   Iro Male Benin Discussion carried out in good faith and manner to achieve a positive and beneficial result for both party.


699   Iroghama Female Benin When discussion yield positive or desire result.


 700  Iroro Male Benin Thought of all thoughts.


 701 Irowa Unisex Benin Discussion and deliberation made at home


702  Ise Unisex Benin (1.) Game (2.) Amen



703  Isi Male Benin Foreign land.



704  Isiuwa Female Benin A place of wealth and prosperity



705  Isoken Female Benin  I am contented with this



706   Itan Male Benin Idiom



707  Itohan Female benin mercy of God



708  Ivie Female Benin Pearl; and a prcious jewel.



709  Iyayi Male Benin I believe, or I have faith



710  Iyegbekedo Male Benin The Benins are my backbone.


711   Iyeke Female Benin What I lean on.


712   Iyekeoretin Unisex Benin What you lean on is your strenght.




713  Iyesogie Female Benin Mother is worthy like a crown


714   Iyi Female Benin By-laws, or rules and regulation


715 Iyobo Unisex Benin Help


 716 iyobosa Unisex benin God’s help




717  Iyore Female Benin I went and came back


718 Iyosayi Male Benin I believe in God



719 Izehuiwa Female Benin Wealth is my portion


720   Izehiuwa Female Benin I have choosen the spirit of prosperity. I have choosen the destiny of prosperity.


 721 Kedo Male Benin Abbreviation of Iyegbekedo.


722  Kenekene Male Benin Sophisticational symbol



723  Mimikpo Female Benin Exotic river where the spirit plays
724   Nanare Unisex Benin Walk down isle with grace and eleganance


725   Nanare Female Benin Walk majestically.



726   Naruna Unisex Benin Person that other people do things for freely


727   Natama Female Benin The one that is being talk to.



729   Nehi Male Benin Oh! thy spirit


730   Nehikare Male Benin What the destiny has proclaimed or profess.


731   Nehizena Unisex Benin The one that destiny or spirit has choosen for


732   Nekpen Female Benin Gradual process


733   Nekpenekpen Female Benin Gradual process, efficiency, grace and dignity one climbs the ladder of sucess and prosperity.


734   Nekpenenekpen Female Benin  One climbs the ladder of sucess and prosperity.



735 Noghayinagbon Female Benin She will dwell on earth.


736 Nogieru Unisex Benin The one that accomplish.


737   Nohuoma Unisex Benin Who wants well being


738   Nomase Female Tenin The best


 739 Nomayo Unisex Benin A non participant in a functions, or war that profess that he or she knows what and how to have handled the situation.


740  Nomwenigho Unisex Benin The rich….One who has all


741   Noroyin Female Benin Will dwell.


742  Noruwa Unisex Benin One who is in wealth


743  Nosa Male Benin This child belongs to God


744   Nosakhare Male Benin God’s will



745   Nosawhume Unisex Benin What God has done for me


746   Nosayaba Unisex Benin Who God has added unto



747  Obarisiuwa Male Benin Oba is the center of wealth.


748 Obayagbona Male Benin Oba is the benefactor of the universe.


749   Obayangbon Male Benin Oba has been given the right to govern the universe.


 750  Obazagbon Male Benin King can make life enjoyable and memorable


751  Oboh Male benin A doctor


 752 Obutu Male Benin A fine chubby boy



753  Odaro Male Benin Forward or in front.
 754 Odeh Male Benin Path


755   Odemwingie Male Benin (1.) This solidifies me. (2.) This gives me a solid foundation. (3.) My tap root is deep into the earth.



 756  Odiase Male Benin Straight forwardness.


757   Odige Male Benin He will do it


758  Odigie Male Benin This has establish a strong foundation


759 Odion Male Benin The older of a twin


760 Ododo Female Benin Red, elegant colour that attracts attention.


761   Odosa Unisex Benin Gods Way


762   Odumawmen Male Benin Path of progress


763   Oduna Unisex benin Settlement


764   Odupute Male Benin God did this


765   Oduwa Male Benin Path or road of prosperity.


766  Ogbeide Male Benin Ones origin cannot be debase or fallen down.


767   Ogbemudia Male Benin My foundation stands firmly


768   Ogbimi Male Benin Stout and solid


769   Ogbodu Male Benin Some type of strong bird



770   Olotu Male Benin Head of the group


771   Omagbon Male Benin Good, well-manner and culture child.


772   Omi Female Benin An unrival gorgeous lady.


 773  Omimikpo Female Benin Exotic river where the spirit play


 774  Omo-Bare Male Benin Child that meets blessing


775 Omodawmen Unisex Benin The love of children.


776 Omogheghe Male Benin children are the benefits or gains you received or gotten from a past relationship when you have no other prove of what you had benefited from previous relationship



777   Omokaro Male Benin Child comes first


778   Omonigho Female Benin A child is greater than money


779  Omonor Female Benin This is a child


780  Omonuwa Male Benin Child of wealth and prosperity.


781 Omoragbon Male Benin Child is life.



782  Omoregbe Male Benin Child is the nucleus of my family. Or child is my family.


783  Omoregie Male Benin Child is a crown


784   Omorodion Male Benin A child from above


785   Omorose Female Benin Child is parents beauty and dignity


786  Oregbe okunzuwa Male Benin Distance too far


787   Orhue Female Benin Symbol of joy and happiness.


788   Oriri Unisex Benin Fear/shock(fear catches anyone that wants to hurt you))


789  Oriri Male Benin Terrify, tremble, scare, shock


790  Orobosa Unisex Benin Destiny is in hand of God


791   Orobosa Male Benin All thing is in Gods Hand


792 Orobosa Unisex Benin In Gods hand



793   Oruwmense Male Benin kind to me


794   Osabo Male Benin Whom God has favoured


795   Osadebamwen Unisex Benin God is with me


796   Osadolor Male Benin God brings about tranquility


797   Osagie Male Benin God send



798   Osagiemwangbon Male Benin God has sent me to this world




799   Osagioduwa Male Benin God pave the way to prosperity. God direct One on the path to prosperity.



 800  Osamienfan Unisex Benin God’s Salvation


801  Osamore Male Benin This child is from God


 802  Osamudiamen Male Benin God stand firm for me.


803  Osamudiemwen Female Benin God stand for me


 804 Osaorosa Male Benin God is forever God



805 Osarenkhoe Female Benin God knows the heart or mind


806 Osarenotor Male Benin God knows who will have a long life


 807  Osarenren Male Benin God knows.


808  Osarentor Male Benin Is only God that knows who will have a long life


809  Osaretin Unisex Benin God is my strength


810  Osariemen Male Benin God owns me


811  Osaro Unisex Benin There is God


812 Osaro Male Benin The existence of God



 813 Osarodion Unisex Benin God comes first


 814  Osarogie Female benin God is king


815  Osarome Male Benin God helped me


 816 Osarosemwen Female Benin God is my only true friend.



817  osarugue Male Benin God is our cheer



818   Osarugue Female Benin God is refuge and comforter


819 Osarume Male Benin God has done it for me


820   Osarunmwense Male BENIN God has done well for me



821   osasenaga Unisex benin God is worthy to be praise





822   osasogie Female Benin God is more than a King.


823  Osasu Unisex Benin God leads.


824   Osasumwen Male benin God guide and protect me


825   Osasumwen Unisex benin God Leads me


826 Osasuyi Male Benin The creator of heavens and earth (almighty God) is worthy of adoration.


827 Osatiti Female Benin God is in vogue


 828 Osato Unisex Benin God have mercy


829  Osatohanmwen Female Benin (1.) God have mercy on me. (2.) I am favoured by the creator.



830 Osawaru Male Benin God’s able


831  osawe Male Benin God says or decides


832  osawe Male Benin Precious gift from god


833  osayamen Female Benin gods gift


834  osayamuyime Male Benin God gives me respect


835  Osayande Male Benin God owns the days


836   Osayanmo Female Benin God owns the child


837   Osayemwenre Male Benin God has remembered me


838   Osayi Unisex Benin God created


839 Osayimwen Female Benin God made me.


 840 Osayomore Male Benin Children are from God


841  Osayuki Unisex Benin God creat the moon


842  Osayuwamen Unisex Benin God has given me wealth 




843   Osazee Unisex Benin  Is God that enable’s. or God has choosen for me.


 844  Osazogbenowan Male Benin God choose the right place




 845  Osazuwa Male Benin God is the provider of wealth.




846 Osewmengie Male Benin This gives me joy and status of nobility.


 847  Osewmengie Male Benin This is my crown.


848   Osewmonriri Male Benin This is enough to makes me tremble.


849  Osifo Male Benin The tension, pressure or heat of the moment is overcome.


850   Osiowmunhi Male Benin Hundreds of friend



851   Osuhon Male Benin Osun deity is very potent



852 Otamere Male Benin The end justifies the means.


853  Otaniyen Unisex Benin Discussion is about … wait till old age



854   Otiti Unisex Benin What is in vogue



855   Ovbokhan Male Benin Junior of twins


856   Ovenseri Male Benin Sun illumination


857  Oviasuyi Male Benin Ovia river is a deity worthy of every one’s respect.


858  Ovie Unisex Benin Bearer of good things



859 Owaeghianye Female Benin Home is where the enemies are


860   Owen Male Benin My Sun Shine


861  Owie Male Benin Morning


862   Oyakhilome Male Benin God is on my side


863 Oyakhirome Male Benin God has come to help me


864  Oyemwenosa Female Benin The joy of the Lord


 865  Oyenmwen Female Benin Internal joy.


866  Oyenmwenvbuwa Female Benin Joy of wealth


867  Oziegbe Male Benin He who is patient



868  Ruyi Male Benin Abbreviation of Omoruyi





 869 Teghese Female Benin The appointed time


870  Tinosa Male Benin God’s power



871   Toyeosa Female Benin Its pleasing to God


872 Udazi Unisex Benin A gifted spiritualist


873  Udinyiwe Male Benin The palm tree never loose its palm. Or the palm tree flourish in all seasons.


874   Udobor Male Benin Udo, the good sorcerer.



875   Ugheghe Female Benin I am watching or looking and waiting to see the outcome


876   Ugiagbe Male benin this one cannot be killed


877 Ugome Unisex Benin This child is good


878   uhuenkpen Male benin tiger’s head


879   Ukhuegbe Female Benin Elegant of human body.


880  Uki Unisex Benin Moon


881  Ukinebo Unisex Benin The radiant of the moonlight.


882   Ukponahusi Unisex Benin The year one becomes famous


 882  Ulame Female Benin Water flowing from the rock. Or the source of the stream.


883 Ulame Female Benin The source of the stream. The rock where the stream originate


 884  Uloko Male Benin A very powerful spiritual tree that is purported to be the coven of witches and wizards.


885   Usunobun Unisex Benin The great crowd


 886  Uteteh Male Benin Mountain top


887  Uvbi Female Benin A maiden


 888  Uvbi Female Benin Princess


889  uwa Male benin wealth


890   Uwagboe Male Benin The wealth or prosperity planted has taken a strong root for greatness.


881  Uwaifo Male benin Riches never ends


882 Uwaila Female Benin Prosperity is never late


883 uwailomwan Female benin the promise of God in one’s life must surly come to pass


 884  Uwasota Female Benin Wealth that last forever.


885 Uwumarongie Male Benin Death do not recongnises kings, and therefore exempt no one.


886  Uyi Unisex Benin Respect


887  Uyigue Male Benin I have respect


888  uyinmwen Female Benin character


 889  Uyiohosa Male Benin Respect to God


890 uyiosa Unisex Benin glory be to God


891  Uzamere Male Benin Scrupulousness justifies the means



892   Yalekhue Male Benin Forgive


893   Yebetu Female Benin A beautiful chubby girl.


894 Yuki Male Benin Create the moon.


895  Yuwa Female Benin Make wealth


896  Yuwa Female Benin In wealth and prosperity


897 Zaye Female Benin Life is prefered



 898  Ziro Male Benin Be thoughtful.


899  Zoya Male Benin On the verge of elevating myself


900  Zoyavbegbe Unisex Benin Elevate yourself from out of the down-trodden


 901  Zusi Male Benin What brings fame.



902   Abasiakamauwemowo Male Efik/Ibibio My Life is in God’s guard


903  Abasiama Male Efik/ibibio God love


904 Abasiodiong Unisex Efik/Ibibio Godbless


905 Adiaba Female Efik/Ibibio First female child


906  Adiaha Female Efik/Ibibio First daughter



907   Afiah Male Efik/Ibibio Fourth born son


908  Akakaneno Unisex Efik/Ibibio The Ultimate gift


909   Akakaneno Unisex Efik/Ibibio The Ultimate gift


 910  Akakaneno Unisex Efik/Ibibio The Ultimate gift


911 Akpan Male Efik/Ibibio First male son


912 Amaeka Female Efik/Ibibio The love of a mother


913 Andino Male Efik/Ibibio God the giver.


914  Aniamaowo Female Efik/Ibibio Who likes you


915  Aniebietabasi Unisex Efik/Ibibio Who resemble God?


916  Aniekanabasi Female Efik/Ibibio Who is greater than God


917   Anietie Male Efik/Ibibio Who could you compare (to God)?


918  Anietie Unisex Efik/Ibibio Who is like God


919  Anwangabasi Unisex Efik/Ibibio God understand best


920  Anwa-nwa Female Efik/Ibibio Third daughter


921  Aquabasi Unisex Efik/Ibibio Great God



921 Asun Female Efik/Ibibio Fourth daughter


922  Asuquo Male Efik/ibibio Asuquo


923   Ayamma Female Efik/Ibibio Will you love me?


924   Ayanti  Unisex Efik/Ibibio Will you remember me?


925   Barasuene Unisex Efik/Ibibio Abundance



926  Bassey Male efik/ibibio God


927   Daraima Male Efik/Ibibio Celebrate Love


928  Dattoyobong Unisex Efik/Ibibio Use it to remember God


 929 Edem Male Efik/Ibibio Back


930   Edemanwan Female Efik/Ibibio A family daughter


931   Edetobo Male Efik/Ibibio Market day


932  Edidem Male Efik/Ibibio Chief


933  Edidiong Unisex Efik/Ibibio Blessing


934   Edikan Male efik/ibibio victory


935  Edimek Unisex efik/ibibio chosen


936   Edinen Unisex efik/ibibio Upright


937   Efem Female Efik/Ibibio Troubled


938   Ekaete Female Efik/Ibibio Father’s Mom


939   Ekaette Female Efik/Ibibio My father’s mother


940  Ekemini Male Efik/Ibibio The appointed time


941   Ekemini Male Efik/Ibibio The appointed time


942  Ekong Male Efik/Ibibio War



943 Emaobong Female Efik/Ibibio Love of God


944 Emekan Female Efik/Ibibio Endurance supercedes everything


945 Emekemeabasi Unisex Efik/Ibibio The lord Is Able


946   Emem Female Efik/Ibibio Peace


947  Ememabasi Unisex Efik/Ibibio Peace of the Lord


948  Ememobong Unisex Efik/Ibibio Peace of the Lord


949 Eme-obong Female Efik/Ibibio Precious one of God


950 Emeti  Unisex Efik/Ibibio This name is actually a question. Do you remember what God has done for you?


 951  Emeti-abasi Female Efik/Ibibio Do You remember what God Has Done For You


952  Emeti-abasi Female Efik/Ibibio Do You remember what God Has Done For You


953 Emetii-abash Female Efik/Ibibio Do You remember what God Has Done For You


954  Emetii-abash Female Efik/Ibibio Do You remember what God Has Done For You


 955 Eno Unisex Efik/Ibibio Gift


956  Eno-Obong Unisex Efik/Ibibio Gift from God


957   Essien Male Efik/Ibibio Outside


958   Etido Female Efik/Ibibio Good character


950   Etim Male Efik/Ibibio market day


960   Etima Unisex Efik/Ibibio GoodLove


961  Etinamabasiyakka Unisex Efik/Ibibio When my Enemies Plans Against Me, God never allow


962   Etok Male Efik/Ibibio small


963   Etoro Female Efik/Ibibio Praise


964  Iberedemobong Unisex Efik/ibibio

God’s support or strenght


 965 Idara Unisex Efik/Ibibio Joy


966 Idara Female Efik/Ibibio Joy


967 Idaramfon Female Efik/Ibibio Happiness is free



968   Idongesit Unisex Efik/Ibibio Comfort


969   Idorenyin Female Efik/Ibibio Hope


970  Ikemesit Unisex Efik/Ibibio   Singleness of the Heart, Harmony


971   Imaabasi Male Efik/Ibibio God’s love


972  Imauwemi Female Efik/Ibibio Love of my life


973   Imeh/Idobe Unisex Efik/Ibibio endurance



974 Imoh Unisex EFIK/IBIBIO Meaning of wealth


975  Inemesit Unisex Efik/Ibibio

Joy from the heart


976   Inemesit Unisex Efik/Ibibio Happiness


977   Iniabasi Male Efik/Ibibio God’s time


998   Inyene Unisex Efik/Ibibio Riches


979  Inyene Unisex Efik/Ibibio Riches


980  Itoro Unisex Efik/Ibibio Glory


981   KentoroAbasi Male Efik/Ibibio I am glorifying God or I am praising God


982  Kufre Unisex Efik/Ibibio Don’t forget



983 Kufreabasi Unisex Efik/ibibio Do not forget God


984   Kukere Unisex Efik/Ibibio Don’t Think or Don’t worry Yourself


985 Kukere Unisex Efik/Ibibio Don’t Think or Don’t worry Yourself


986 Kuma Female Efik/Ibibio Am still in love with you


987  Kunsua Male Efik/Ibibio Don’t hate me



988  Mbotidem  Male Efik/ibibio Faith in God



989  Mfonabasi Unisex Efik/Ibibio God’s favor


1000  Mfoniso Male Efik/Ibibio Goodluck
1001 Mfoniso Female Efik/Ibibio Goodluck or Lucky


1002 Mmekomabasi Unisex Efik/Ibibio I Thank God


1003  Ndifreke Unisex Efik/Ibibio I would never forget


1004  Ndifreke Unisex Efik/Ibibio It means i would not forget my God


1005 Ndifreke Male Efik/ibibio I will not forget


1006 Ndinamsomfon Unisex Efik/Ibibio

what shall i do to be good


1007  Nduesoh Female Efik/Ibibio What have I done wrong


1008  Nkanta Male Efik/Ibibio You conquer and eat


1009   Nkenimabasi Unisex Efik/Ibibio I trusted in God.


1010  Nmosohwo Male Efik/Ibibio What have I done to you people


1011 Nne-ekami Female Efik/Ibibio My old grandmother’s grandmother


1012  Nnwa Female Efik/Ibibio Second daughter


1013   Nse Male Efik/Ibibio I am looking


1014   Nsedu Female Efik/Ibibio I am looking at you character


1015 NSEMO Male EFIK/IBIBIO Looking at them


1016  Nsikak Unisex Efik/Ibibio Ask a Efik/Ibibio man there for the meaning


1017  Nsikak-Abasi Male Efik/Ibibio Nothing is too heavy for God


1018   Nsikan Unisex Efik/Ibibio Ask that Efik/Ibibio man there for the meaning


1019   Nsikan-Obong Male Efik/Ibibio Nothing is more than God


1020   Nwaha Female Efik/Ibibio Second female child
1021   Nwah-Nwah Female Efik/Ibibio Third female child


 1022  Nyak-nno Male efik/ibibio Nyak-nno


1023   Obong Male Efik/Ibibio Title


1024  Obongama Female Efik/Ibibio God’s love



1025  Ofonime Unisex efik/ibibio It is good to be patience


1026   Okon Male Efik/ibibio Night



1027   Oto-Obong Female Efik/Ibibio From God


1028   Otu Male Efik/Ibibio Chief/King


1029   Otuekongabasi Female Efik/Ibibio Warrior or war bearer


1030   Owoidohoukem Unisex Efik/Ibibio Everybody are not Equal



1031  Tima Male Efik/Ibibio Remember Love


1032  Ubong Unisex Efik/Ibibio my glory


1033   Udemeobong Male Efik/Ibibio My share from God


1034 Udo Male Efik/ibibio Second son of the family



1035  Udofia Male Efik/Ibibio Fourth born son


 1036 Udofot Male Efik/Ibibio Fourth born son


1037 Udoh Male Efik/Ibibio second Male son


1038   Udoh-Udoh Male Efik/Ibibio Third born son


 1039  Udom Male Efik/Ibibio Right


1040   Udo-udo Male Efik/Ibibio Third son


1042  UduakAbasi Unisex Efik/ibibio Will of God


1043   Ufia Male Efik/Ibibio Fourth son


1044   Ufia-ufia Male Efik/Ibibio Fifth son


1045   Ufot Male Efik/Ibibio Third born son


1046  Ukeme Female Efik/ibibio Ability


1047   Uko Male Efik/Ibibio Courage; bravery


1048  Unwanaabasi Male Efik/Ibibio God’s light


1049  Usen Male Efik/Ibibio The day


1050   Usoro Male Efik/Ibibio festial period


1051  Utibe Male Efik/Ibibio Marvelous/ Wonderful


1052  Uwakmfon Unisex Efik/Ibibio Abundant blessing


1053   Uwem Female Efik/Ibibio Life is enjoyment


1054 Uwemediemoh Unisex Efik/Ibibio Health is wealth


1055 Uyai Female Efik/Ibibio Beauty


1056   Uyai Female Efik/Ibibio Beauty
 1057  Uyobong Male Efik/Ibibio God’s Voice


1058 Abayomi Unisex Yoruba Enemy would have ridicule me but God prevailed over them







1059  Abeje Female Yoruba A baby which her parent have appeal to God before delivery


1060   Abeni Female Yoruba We asked for her, now we’ve got her



1061  Abidemi Unisex Yoruba A person born before the father arrival.


1062   Abike Female Yoruba Born to treasure






1063   Abimbola Male Yoruba Abimbola, this means that a child has been born with a glorious gift, – money or with a glorious destiny.




1064   Abiodun Male Yoruba A child born during a major festival/celebration.



1065 Abiola Unisex Yoruba Wealth is born.riches is born




1066  Abioye Unisex Yoruba We have royalty


1067   abisayo Female Yoruba Born into joy


1068 Abisodun Female Yoruba Born during a festival



1069 Abisola Unisex Yoruba Born to Wealth



1070   Abisoye Female Yoruba I have come to reign in peace.


1071   Abiye Male Yoruba Born to live, Born to stay alive.




1072   Abolanle Unisex Yoruba He/ She met wealth at home



1073 Adebola Unisex Yoruba The crown or royalty meets wealth



1074  Adeboye Unisex Yoruba The crown has brought title


1075  Adebukola Unisex Yoruba A crown has been added to wealth



1075   Adebusola Female Yoruba the crown has added to my wealth


1077  Adedamola Male Yoruba The crown has mixed with wealth


1078   Adedapo Male Yoruba two royals have met


1079  Adedayo Unisex Yoruba crown of joy




1080   Adedeji Male Yoruba The crown has become two


1081   Adediwura Female Yoruba Crown turns to gold



1082   Adedolapo Male Yoruba Crown became many wealth




1083   Adedoyin Female Yoruba Crown is now sweet. Crown has now turn to honey



1084   Adedoyin Unisex Yoruba Crown turns to honey



1085 Adedoyin Unisex Yoruba My crown turns to honey


1086  Adedunke Unisex Yoruba Take good care of me



1087  Adefemi Unisex Yoruba The Crown Loves Me




1088   Adefolake Female Yoruba Princess use your wealth to take care of me



1089  Adefunmilayo Unisex Yoruba Crown the Gift of God



1090   Adegboyega Male Yoruba The child is like a crown that brings honour to a king


1091  Adegoke Male Yoruba An Heir to the throne


1092  Adeife Female Yoruba Crown of love



1093 Adejoke Male Yoruba We came together to love/care for you.




1094   Adeleye Male Yoruba the kings’ crown is honourable



1095 Adelomo Male Yoruba A child is a crown


1096  Adeloye Male Yoruba Crown is my title


1097  Ademide Unisex yoruba My joy is here



1098   Ademidun Female Yoruba My crown is sweet



1099 Ademola Male Yoruba The crown knows wealth


2000 Ademola Male yoruba born with wealth




2001 Ademuyiwa Unisex Yoruba The crown brought this





 2002  Adenike Female Yoruba The crown needs to be pampered.



2003   Adeniran Male Yoruba crown belongs to a family/royalty belongs to a lineage



2004   Adeniyi Male Yoruba The crown has value



2005  Adeoba Sade(Feyisade) Female Yoruba Adeoba- Kings crown, Sade- A crown is made, Feyisade- use this as a crowm.


 2006 Adeogo Male Yoruba Crown of Glory


2007   Adeola Female Yoruba Crown of wealth





 2008  Adeolu Male Yoruba the crown of the LORD



 2009 AdeOluwadarasimi Unisex Yoruba the crown of God is good to me


2010  AdeOluwarewa Female Yoruba The crown of the God is beauty



2011 Adeosun Monisola Damilola Female Yoruba God bless me




2012  Aderayo Male Yoruba crown of joy…..brap


2013   Aderemi Male Yoruba He has come to sooth my sorrow.



2014  Aderinsola Unisex Yoruba A crown walked into wealth.


2015  Aderiyike Female Yoruba The crown has seen this pamper



2016   Aderoju Unisex Yoruba BETTER TO RESEARCH MEANING



2017 Aderonke Female Yoruba The crown has found something worth nourishing


2018  Aderounke Unisex Yoruba The crown has one to pamper it.


2019   Adesanjo Labaster Male Yoruba Labaster comb of 5 names


2020   Adesanjo Labaster Male Yoruba Labaster comb of 5 names call no 08038513300



2021  Adesanya Male Yoruba My painshas been rewarded/compensated by the arrival of this one.
2022   Adesehinwa Male Yoruba The crown is back




2023  Adesewa Female Yoruba Beauty of crown



2024 Adeshola Female Yoruba Crowned for Wealth, Bring Wealth Home, Royalty,
2025  Adesola Female Yoruba Born into wealth


2026   Adesola Unisex Yoruba Crown of wealth


2027   Adesola Unisex Yoruba a child crowned with wealth.



2028  Adesola Male Yoruba a child crowned with wealth.


2029  Adesoye Male Yoruba god will praise you



2030  Adetayo Unisex Yoruba Crown has brought us great joy



2031 Adetilola Unisex Yoruba The crown has wealth


2032  Adetoke Female Yoruba Crown is worthy to be taken care of.



2033  Adetokunbo Unisex Yoruba a crown came from abroad



2034  Adetola Unisex Yoruba The crown can be measured to wealth



 2035  Adetope Unisex Yoruba Crown is worthy of praise.


2036   Adetoro Female Yoruba Crown of settlement


2037  Adetosoye Male Yoruba Crown is entitled to the throne




2038   Adetowumi Female Yoruba This is the crown that i wish for


2039  Adetubo Male Yoruba The crown still come



2040  Adetumi Male Yoruba The crown is with me



2041  Adetutu Female Yoruba The crown is gentle and patient



2042  Adewale Male Yoruba The crown has come home


2043  Adewemimo Female Yoruba The crown washed me clean


2044  Adewunmi Unisex Yoruba I desire the crown





2045 Adeyele Female Yoruba Ade-crown,the one who protects the home-angel and wears the crown!!


2046   Adeyemi Unisex Yoruba I am worthy of the crown



2047 Adeyemo Male Yoruba The crown befits the child


2055   Adeyinka Unisex Yoruba Surround me with crowns




2048  Adeyoola Female Yoruba your crown has entered in to God’s glory


2049 Adisa Male Yoruba Praise name


2050   Adodoola Female Yoruba the meaning of my name is beautiful Flower



2051   Aduke Female Yoruba beloved


2052  Adun Female Yoruba Sweetness


2053   Adunni Female Yoruba Daughter of the sweet ones


2054  Adunola Female Yoruba The sweetness of wealth /honor


 2055  Afolabi Male Yoruba Born with wealth



2056   Afolayan Male Yoruba Walks in majesty


2057   Agboola Unisex Yoruba circle of wealth



2058   Aina Female Yoruba A female child born with the umbilical cord coiled around her neck.


 2059 Ayotundun Female Yoruba Joy is sweet


2060 Ayowonuola Female Yoruba Joy enters wealth


2061 Ayowunmi Female Yoruba My joy





2062 Babajide Male Yoruba Father has come to life again


2063  Babas(h)ola Male Yoruba Father’s wealth has arrived



2064  Babatunde Male Yoruba Father has returned
2065  Fadekunmi Female Yoruba Add crown to me or add crown for me


2066 Faderera Female Yoruba God has adorned you with beauty



2067  Adesewa Female Yoruba God has given you beauty


2068 Fagbore Male Yoruba  Man of wisdom



2069 Farayioluwa Male Yoruba I rub on God




2070 fehintola Female Yoruba I have my back against God.or Rest your back on wealth





2071   Ariyo Male Yoruba The one you see and rejoice



2072   Feyisayo Unisex Yoruba turn my sadness into joy




2073  feyiseirorun Unisex Yoruba use this as a rest for me


2074   feyisetan Female Yoruba use this as history


2075   Feyisola Female Yoruba Us this as wealth


2076  Fiayosemi Unisex Yoruba Mould me with joy


2077  Fibikemi Unisex Yoruba Bless me with your birth



2078 Fiyifolu Male Yoruba Give honor to God
2079   fiyiynfoluwa Female Yoruba Give praise to God


2080 Gbadebo Male Yoruba The one who brings crown


2081  gbadebo Male Yoruba born with crown


2082 Gbayi Male Yoruba Accept praise


2083 Gbeminiyi Unisex Yoruba Lifted into honour


2084 Oluwa-gbemisola: Female Yoruba  God carried me into wealth.  



2085 Gbemisola Female Yoruba God has lifted me into wealth



2086   Gbohunmi Unisex Yoruba God heard my cry


2087 Gbolagade Male Yoruba Being rich before being a king


2088   Gbolahun Unisex Yoruba Show the wealth


2089  Gboyega Unisex Yoruba Carry the glory high



2070  God is salvation Male Yoruba God is salvation



2071 Haleemat Female yoruba some that has patient


2072   Labode Female Yoruba born while the grandmother lives


2073  Ibidamola Male Yoruba  mixed with wealth


2074   Ibidolapo Unisex Yoruba the birth brought wealth together.


2075  Ibidun Female Yoruba The birth was sweet


2076  Ibilola Female Yoruba The name Ibilola means ‘birth is riches.’



2077  Ibironke Female Yoruba family has someone to pamper



2078   Ibukunade Female Yoruba Blessing has come to me



2079  Ibukunoluwa Female Yoruba Ibukun also mean blessing which is the English name


2080 Iderade Unisex Yoruba My respite has come.


2081   Idowu Male Yoruba Third born to Twin



2082   Ifafemi Unisex yoruba God loves me


2083   Ife Unisex Yoruba LOVE




2084  Ifedamola Unisex Yoruba Love mixed with wealth




2085  IfeJesuKristi Unisex Yoruba The awesome love of Jesus Christ


2086  Ifelayo Female Yoruba Love is peace



2087   Ifeloju Unisex Yoruba Love is the greatest




2088   Ifeoluwa Unisex Yoruba Ife means love and Ifeoluwa means love of god


2089  Ifeoluwade Male Yoruba God with us


2090  Ifeoluwadolapo Female Yoruba God’s love has brought me wealth
2091   Ifeoluwapo Female Yoruba gods love is plenty


2092  Ifesowapo Unisex Yoruba Love has joined us together


2093  Ifetemi Unisex Yoruba my own love, my love



2094   Ifetundun Female Yoruba Love is sweet


2095  Ifevodoma Female Yoruba Love and happiness?
2096  Ireoluwa Female Yoruba Gift of God
God has given me great things.


2097 Ireoluwade Female Yoruba The goodness of God has come


2098   Ireoluwakale Male Yoruba The goodness of God is forever.


2099  Iretilouwa Female Yoruba Waiting on God


3000   Iretomiwa Female Yoruba Blessing has come


3001   Olalekan Male Yoruba My wealth has increased


3002  Iseoluwa Male Yoruba The act of God





3003  Isholuwakolebaje Unisex Yoruba The work of God can not be destroyed.



3004  Itelouwakiishi Female Yoruba God’s throne is everlasting


3005  Iteolouwakiishi Female Yoruba the foundation of God never moves or opens


3006   Iteoluwakiisi Unisex Yoruba The throne of God cannot be removed



3007   Itunu Female Yoruba Consolation


3008   Iwaleniyan Female Yoruba Character makes the person



3009   Iwalola Female Yoruba Attitude means wealth


3010 Iwin Male Yoruba Invisible Masquerade


3011  Iyabo Female Yoruba Mother has come


3012  Iyabode Male Yoruba  The dead mother comes back


3013  Iyadunni Female Yoruba Mother is sweet to have



3014  Iyanda Unisex Yoruba A specially selected being.



3015  Iyanu-oluwa Male Yoruba Miracle of the lord


3016 Iyetunde Female Yoruba Mother has come back



3017   Iyioluwa Unisex Yoruba Honour Of God.


3018  Iyunadeoluwa Female Yoruba Beads(corals) of the crown of God


3019   Jadesola Female Yoruba Come out into wealth


3020  Jadesolaoluwa Female Yoruba Come out to the wealth of God


3021   Jaiyeola Unisex Yoruba enjoying the life of wealth or enjoying a wealthy life.


3022  Jaiyeola Unisex Yoruba Enjoy your world of Fortune.



3023   Jaiyesimi Unisex Yoruba Enjoy World and Rest



3024  Jameel Male Yoruba fine ass Muslim boy



3025 Jamiu Male Yoruba Meaning a gatherer. i.e person bearing the name must always be willing to gather people around him irrespective of tribe or religion



3026   Jesudarasimi Unisex Yoruba Jesus is good to me


3027  Jesulayotimoni Unisex Yoruba jesus is the joy i have


3028   Jesupamilerin Unisex Yoruba Jesus gives me reason to laugh


3029   Jesutise Female Yoruba Jesus has done it


3030   Jesutofunmi Unisex Yoruba Jesus Is enough for me


3031  Jesutosin Unisex Yoruba Jesus is worthy of worship


3032   Jesutoyin Unisex Yoruba Jesus is worthy of praise


3033  Jibola Unisex Yoruba A child who woke up with wealth


3034  kanyinsola Female Yoruba honey mixed with wealth


3035 kashimawo Male Yoruba well ordinarily it means lets wait and see. it is usually for baby that comes many times before they finally stayed .at the same time it means the only child the family want to have .


3036   Kasopefoluwa Unisex Yoruba Let’s give thank to God


 3037 Kayefi Unisex Yoruba Wonder


3038  Kayin Unisex Yoruba Long awaited child, celebrated child


3039   Kayinoluwa Unisex Yoruba Let praise God



3040   Kayode Male Yoruba God has brought Joy



3041  Kehinde Unisex Yoruba Younger of Twins/He who comes last.


 3042 Kehinde Unisex Yoruba the second twin


3043  Kemi Female Yoruba One who is cherished, precious, spoiled


3044 Ketiku Unisex Yoruba meaning “why did you die” .meaning is actually a question of death



3045   Kikelomo Female Yoruba a child is to pamper or to spoil


3046   Kikelomo Female Yoruba A child to pamper or spoil


3047  kikelomo Female Yoruba pampered child


3048  Kinfeosioluwa Unisex Yoruba To love you more O God


3049   Kinfeosioluwa Unisex Yoruba That I may love you more, my lord



 3050  kofoworola Unisex Yoruba one cannot buy success with money



3051  Kolade Male Yoruba Bring on the wealth


3052   Mobolaji Male Yoruba Born of wealth


3053   Moboluwarin Unisex Yoruba I am walking with God


3054  Modadeola Male Yoruba I wear a crown of wealth/affluence


3055   Modesola Female Yoruba I arrived into wealth





3056  Modupe Female Yoruba I thank God



3057   modupefunoretioluwasefunmi Female Yoruba I’m grateful for the blessings that God has done for me



3058 modupeore Unisex Yoruba thank you god for this gift


3059  Modurodeoluwa Male Yoruba I waited on the lord


3060   Modurolorilerioluwa Unisex Yoruba I stand on the promises of God


3061 Mofesola Female Yoruba


3062 Mofetoluwa Unisex Yoruba Accepting God’s will


3063  MOFIHINFOLUWA Unisex Yoruba

I will praise God



3064   Mofiyinfoluwa Unisex Yoruba Gods compassion


3065   Folorunso Male Yoruba Placed in Gods care


3066  Mofoluwakemi Female Yoruba Given for the Lord’s blessing


 3067  Mofoluwakemi Female Yoruba Given for the Lord’s blessing


3068 Mofoluwashikemi Female Yoruba I’ve put myself in God’s care.


3069   Mogbekeleoluwa Female Yoruba my trust is in god



3070  Mojibade Female Yoruba
I woke up to see the crown



3071  Mojisola Female Yoruba I awake into fortune , wealth or goodness




3072 mojolaadeoluwa Female Yoruba am enjoying the wealth of God crown


3073 mojolaifeoluwa Female Yoruba I enjoy the love of the Lord



3074  Mojoyinade Female Yoruba I have eaten the honey of the crown



3075 Mokirafoluwa Unisex Yoruba I give praise to God Almighty.


3076 mojolaadeoluwa Female Yoruba am enjoyning the wealth of God crown


3077  mojolaifeoluwa Female yoruba i enjoy the love of the Lord



3078  Mojoyinade Female yoruba I have eaten the honey of the crown








3079 moboluwarin Unisex yoruba i am walking with God


3080  Moniade Unisex Yoruba I have the crown


 3081  Monifa Female Yoruba I am lucky


3082  Monife Female Yoruba I have love



3083  Monisola Unisex Yoruba I obtained in wealth



3084  Monjolaoluwa Unisex Yoruba i’m enjoying the wealth of God


3085   Olabiyi Male Yoruba I am not sure


3086   Olabode Male Yoruba

Wealth has come home



3087 Olabosipo Female Yoruba Honour returns back to its position


3088 Olabukola Female Yoruba Wealth has joined wealth


3089  Oladapo Male Yoruba Wealth has been mixed together



3090 Oladeinde Male Yoruba Wealth is back




3091  Oladele Unisex Yoruba Wealth has reached home



3092  Oladibu Male Yoruba vastness of wealth


3093   Oladimeji Male Yoruba two riches combined



3094   Oladipo Male Yoruba More wealth



3094  Olajumoke Female Yoruba Let us share this joy/wealth together


3095 Olajumoke Female Yoruba In wealth lets come together and celebrate her.



3096   Olajumoke Female Yoruba wealth is care or caring is wealth


3097   Olajumoke Female Yoruba Wealth gathers to care for her or Surrounded by wealth all through out her life



3098  Olajuwon Male Yoruba Wealth and honour are gifts from God


3099  Olakanmi Male Yoruba Wealth has reached me


4000   Olakiitie Male Yoruba Wealth never fades away


4001   Olakorede Male Yoruba riches bring happiness


4002   Olakunle Male Yoruba Riches and honors has filled the house


4003  Olakunle Male Yoruba home full of wealth


 4004  Olakunle Unisex Yoruba There is abundance of wealth in the house
 4005 Olakunmi Unisex Yoruba Wealth is added to me.


4006  Olalekan Male yoruba wealth has become more


4007  Olalekan Male Yoruba Wealth increased by one



4008   Olaleye Male Yoruba I am not sure


4009   Olaleye Male Yoruba Wealth is honorable




 4010  Olamide Unisex Yoruba my wealth has come



4011   Olamide Unisex Yoruba My wealth has come





 4012 Olamilekan Male Yoruba My wealth has been added to


4013  Olaonipekun Male Yoruba Wealth is endless



4014   Olaotan Female Yoruba Wealth and Greatness will return




4015   Olapoju Male yoruba wealth is too much


4016   Olarenrewaju Male Yoruba There is wealth in future


4017   Olasade Female Yoruba Honor has made/bestowed the crown


4018   Olaseni Male Yoruba wealth comes easily



4019   Olashalewa Male Yoruba Wealth has picked a place to go.



4020  Olasinbo Unisex Yoruba Wealth is on the way



4021 Olasubomi Unisex Yoruba Wealth Surround me


4022  Olasubomi Female yoruba I have joy around me



4023 Olasupo Male Yoruba Wealth has come together


 4024 Olawale Male Yoruba Wealth Fellow



4025  Olawumi Unisex Yoruba i want wealth


4026   Olawunmi Unisex Yoruba I desire wealth





4027  Olayemi Unisex Yoruba I am worthy of wealth






4029 Olayide Unisex Yoruba wealth roll in or wealth has come


4030  Olayiga Male Yoruba Wealth has increase higher



4031 Olayinka Female Yoruba Surrounded by wealth.


4032 Olorunnisola Unisex Yoruba Its only God that gives wealth.



4033  Olorunyomi Unisex Yoruba God has saved me



4034   Olowawomi Unisex Yoruba God Looked at Me


4035   Olowolaiyemo Male Yoruba People know the rich ones



4036   Oluborode Male yoruba Came with wealth




4037   Olubusayo Unisex Yoruba God has added to my Joy


4038  Oludabira Unisex Yoruba God performs wonders


4039   Oludara Male Yoruba God Is good



4040   Oludolapo Unisex Yoruba God has increased my wealth



4041   Olufadeju Male yoruba God makes crown greater


4042 Oluwadoyinsolami Female Yoruba Lord poured honey into my wealth


4043  Oluwadunbarin Unisex Yoruba It is nice to walk with God


4044   Oluwadunmininu Female Yoruba God has gladden my heart


4045   Oluwadunmininu Unisex Yoruba God has gladden my heart


4046  OluwaDunmininu Unisex yoruba The Lord has make me happy.


 4047  Oluwadunmo Male Yoruba It’s good to know God (when someone in the bible give his life to God saul he change his name to paul)




4048  Oluwadurotimi Unisex Yoruba God will stand by me


4049  Oluwadurotimi Unisex yoruba god is with me


4050  Oluwadurotimi Unisex yoruba the lord waits with me


4051  Oluwafemi Male yoruba God loves me


4052  Oluwafemi Unisex Yoruba God wants me


4053   Oluwafemi Male yoruba God loves me



4054   Oluwafemi Male yoruba God loves me


4055   Oluwafemi Male yoruba God loves me


4056   Oluwafenwa Male yoruba God wants me to come


4057  Oluwafeolami Unisex Yoruba God has widen my wealth


4058   Oluwaferanmi Unisex Yoruba God love me


4059   Oluwafisolami Unisex yoruba God has added to my honour/wealth


4060  Oluwafisopemi Male Yoruba God add to my praise


4061  Oluwafolakemi Female yoruba God has blessed me with wealth




4062  Oluwafunbi Female yoruba means God gave this to me


4063 Oluwafunke Female Yoruba God gave me to take care of



4064  Oluwafunmiayo Unisex yoruba the lord gave me joy


4065 Oluwafunmike Female Yoruba God Has Given Me to Pet Or Pamper


4066   Oluwafunmilaito Female yoruba The lord has given me this one to take care of


4067  Oluwafunmilayo Female yoruba God has given me joy


4068  Oluwafunmilola Unisex Yoruba God has given me wealth



4069   Oluwafunso Male yoruba God has given you to look after


4070  Oluwafuntan Unisex Yoruba God has given everything


4071  Oluwagbejami Male yoruba God has come to my rescue


4072 Oluwaseyi Male Yoruba God has done this


4073 Oluwaseyin Male Yoruba God is good to be praised


4074  Oluwashayo Female yoruba God made to rejoice


4075   Oluwashegun or Oluwasegun Male Yoruba Godwin or God is victor



4076 Oluwashinaayomi Male yoruba God has opened my way of joy


4077   Oluwashindara Unisex yoruba God still does wonders


4078  Oluwashola Unisex yoruba God gives wealth



4079   Oluwashubomi Male yoruba God surround me



4080   Oluwasola Unisex Yoruba God made wealth




4081   Oluwasoromidayo Male Yoruba God turned my issues in to laughter



4082 Oluwasumisola Unisex yoruba God has moved me to wealth