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Audrey Health Professionals Network (AHPN)

The Audrey Health Professionals Network (AHPN) communicates with maternity and infant health professionals with access to hospitals, children’s centres, health clinics, community centres and baby well-being clinics. Appointment based, this unique face to face detailing and discussion opportunity enables brands and products to be presented to health professionals in a factual way, backed up with clinical evidence and clear messaging of benefits. We project to provide Nigeria coverage to over 5,300 health professionals per annum.

Products can be sampled and placed into the hands of the health professional so that they have first-hand knowledge, and supporting literature left with the health professionals in individual AHPN reference packs. .

Brands are verbally presented in a syndicated slide presentation format. After the presentation Q&A sessions are encouraged where invaluable feedback is gathered for client evaluation. Sessions may also count towards each individual HCP’s continuing professional development for re-registration as outlined by their governing body.

We ensure every campaign delivers results, measured with attendance sheets recording individual numbers of HCPs who have attended, feedback reports, plus research detailing campaign effectiveness.


Why communicate with health professionals?

  • 88% of mums say that they ask their health professional for advice on pregnancy, birth and parenting information
  • Mum typically has between 17-24 points of contact with health professionals pre and post natally, providing multiple opportunities for health professionals to impart information
  • Campaign research would show that awareness of a brand and its benefits post detailing can increase by as much as two thirds from pre campaign awareness.