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Emotional Support During Pregnancy

‘How I wish you could experience pregnancy’, sounds like one of many statements directed towards men by pregnant women .Many at times, this is uttered out of sheer frustration when it seems like the man is unable to come to terms with what one is experiencing as an expectant mother .During this period , the […]
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You Are Pregnant What Next ?

By Jan 13, 2015 Comments Off on You Are Pregnant What Next ?
For any woman , finding out you are pregnant is one of the most exciting time of your life,knowing that in over nine months a little addition will be made to your family . For some it is panic mode , because of the fear of the unknown. But no need to fret , we […]
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Baby Steps……

Watching your little baby grow, change and develop their own personality is just amazing, isn’t it? Between now and their first birthday, your baby will go through the most intense period of growth and development of their entire life. Every aspect is full of wonder. And for us at The Audrey Pack, the most exciting […]
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