Get ready to hear the words “dada or mama” as your baby says their very first word .

Your baby can wave and clap their hands together , you will find your baby mimic a lot of things you do .

Baby is pushing on hands and knees and attempting to crawl , in no time , little steps will follow.

Your baby is trying to discover more about the world around by picking and dropping things , will continue to amuse himself with the sound objects make when thrown about , will also still continue to put all sorts of objects in the mouth .

You will have your first experience of separation anxiety, when your child notices you are away for a long time and will show signs of distress.

Baby is learning how to chew on solids and is trying to pick up his food by himself .

Baby can now stand but with support , may use furniture to pull self up to a standing position.

Will indicate when finished eating by turning away .

Baby enjoys playtime and will copy what you do , so spend a lot of time talking, reading and making funny sounds.

Baby’s appetite has increased and will consume considerably more food .

The first tooth might be arriving any moment from now , continue to help soothe the aches and discomfort with chew toys as earlier discussed.

Baby can use the thumb and first finger separate from the others .

Baby will love to hear the same thing over and over again , so get those vocal chords warmed up , because you will have to repeat a lot of songs over and over again .

Eyesight is now pretty much as good as an adult’s , they will able to spot things at a distance and reach out or crawl to them .

Your baby might become attached to a favorite toy and will drag it everywhere .

As usual ,don’t forget that all babies are different and will develop at their on pace, but if you notice anything out of the ordinary please quickly consult your doctor .

image courtesy : Anthony bevilac qua