Watching your little baby grow, change and develop their own personality is just amazing, isn’t it? Between now and their first birthday, your baby will go through the most intense period of growth and development of their entire life.
Every aspect is full of wonder. And for us at The Audrey Pack, the most exciting part is watching little babies become little people. So, we have made it our mission to help mums and little ones make most of these wonder years. That’s why we developed this new blog. it’s going to give useful information ,feeding tips, and tasty recipes, along with lots of amazing facts about your baby’s development and great ideas to help them learn and grow. We think it will be a good read,So dive in and let us know what you think- we do love to hear from you!

Lillian Odim, M.D& Founder, The Audrey Pack Mum to Audrey,1year and 6months.