Braxton Hicks is known as sporadic uterine contractions that occur during pregnancy.

The symptom was first identified by an English Doctor ,John Braxton Hicks in 1872 .hence the name, Braxton Hicks.

This condition is commonly referred to as false labor or Practice contractions ,because of the intensity of the pains you might think you are in labour.It is widely held that it is the body’s way of preparing you for when the real labour pains come .

Usually occurring from the first six weeks of pregnancy but may not be noticed up until the third trimester when the pains become more frequent,the contractions then gain momentum and become uncomfortable.

Most doctors believe that Braxton Hicks contractions help tone the uterine muscle and promote flow of blood to the placenta.


A number of factors are associated with the onset of Braxton hicks from as simple as someone touching your stomach to feeling stressed and anxious ,dehydration,rigorous exercise,immediately after having sex and the movements from the baby can trigger Braxton hicks .


How do you do know if you are experiencing false labour or if its the real thing .

Contractions are not painful but uncomfortable.

It may be inconsistent in its pattern of occurrence.

There’s a tightening in the abdomen .

You feel relieved once you walk or lie down .


Drink lots of water due to dehydration.

Have a warm bath to relax and calm your uterus .

Get a massage.

Be calm and control your breathing .

Take a walk or lie down .

Lastly, call your Doctor who will be able to tell if you are in labour.

It is believed that first time mothers find it difficult to differentiate between real and false labour since they have not experienced labour pains before.

Braxton hicks is a perfectly normal part of pregnancy,so no need to worry .