Often times we have heard of or even know someone who has had a baby through caesarean section and we are unaware of the reasons why this option of birth was choosen .
We would discuss briefly what Caesarean birth is and the categories .
Caesarean delivery is the delivery of a fetus by surgical incision through the abdominal wall ,simply put,making a cut in the tummy through to the womb to delivering a baby .
There are two classes of women who go through caesarean birth ,the first is for the mother and baby whose life may be in danger before and during labor and the viable option is to operate.
The second group are those women who feel it is fashionable and cannot stand the long hours of childbirth.
This is usually scheduled weeks ahead of your due date or most times on the EDD .Certain factors come into play with a planned delivery such as the result of a pregnancy related condition ,the baby is lying in a breech position (the feet and buttocks are in a downward position) or a vaginal birth might be too stressful for the baby.
The mother’s health is also taken into cognizance when scheduling a C-section ,for instance if she is not in a good shape health wise ,at the risk of an infection that pose a threat to the baby or as the doctor may diagnose.
You are likely to have an emergency C-section if your doctor notices that your life and that of your baby is at risk during labour ,if your baby is not getting enough oxygen and is getting distressed or the mother begins to get vaginal bleeding .In the likely event that your baby decides to come weeks before birth and your doctor is concerned about inducing labor ,the a C-section will be scheduled.
The time usually takes between 35-40 mins .
Immediately after delivery ,bonding is encouraged between mother and baby to stimulate milk flow.
Women who undergo C-section take longer to heal than women who have natural birth .
Hospital stay after C-section is usually between 2-3 days .
It takes about six weeks to completely heal ,barring any complications .
You are advised to abstain from carrying any heavy items or exerting any strain on your abdomen.
Short walks will allow for blood circulation and help reduce the risk of getting a blood clot.

Be sure to discuss the available delivery options with your doctor ,remember that your doctor’s utmost concern is the safety of the mother and child not withstanding the birthing option you choose.