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With our growing national network of antenatal care venues and maternity hospitals across the nation, TAP would be the first parenting club that mums experience and actively join. This would give us the largest family database available that would be based purely on factual information volunteered by mums. So, if you want to generate excitement and awareness about your brand among new mums, no one can boost your profile and generate response more effectively than TAP. For direct response offers or promotions, mums can be reached via traditional postal direct mail or email.

  • We have a projection of 8,000 pregnant mums to register with TAP and provide third party consent per month.
  • Each month a projection of 12,000 new postnatal mums would register the birth of their newborn with TAP and provide third party consent.
  • Typically 80% of mums choose to provide third party consent.

If you’re a client that’s targeting families at any stage, we can help there too. TAP is the only Parenting Club in Nigeria providing information and advice to families. We can help brands target from pregnancy through to pre-school and way beyond, according to your exact requirements.

With this unrivalled level of coverage, our family database can also be used to enrich and enhance your own customer data, allowing you to identify the household composition of your customer base and even time communication around key events such as birthdays or mother’s day.

We work closely with our clients, together with our in-house Insight Team to help identify the exact time of key purchase and switching triggers across a range of product categories. To many of our clients this insight is invaluable to their media planning and improving the timeliness and relevance of their marketing activity.

For more details on TAP call +234 817-000-0247