Exercising during pregnancy is one of the many things women stay clear off while pregnant,but it has been proven that exercise not only keeps you in good form during pregnancy but helps your body prepare for the rigours of labour.

We have pulled together a list of simple exercises you can try out during pregnancy .But be sure to speak to your doctor before starting any exercises prior to pregnancy.


Pilates is a common exercise pregnant mums use to keep fit during and after pregnancy .

Pilates is a low impact exercise that is safe as it helps to build your core, strengthen and tone muscles. The good thing about this is that it is very adaptable and can be modified to suit the various stages of pregnancy.

Supermodel ,Miranda Kerr credits Pilates for helping her get back in shape after the birth of her son .


Many women hear yoga and all they think about is all the chants and superstitious beliefs and not the benefits that your body will enjoy from this simple routine .

Interestingly enough,Yoga is deemed to be the number one exercise for pregnant women .It encourages stretching ,mental centering and focused breathing .It is one of the safest exercises as it helps improve sleep during pregnancy ,reduces lower back pain ,nausea and shortness of breathe.

Before you embark on this be sure to engage the services of a certified prenatal yoga instructor .


These are a series of exercises designed to increase cardiovascular efficiency often combined with stretching it has different levels of intensity and is ideal for every stage of pregnancy .

It is recommended that swimming be top on your list as it helps to tone all your body muscles and help attain a feeling of weightlessness. Walking is also another form as it is not strenuous on you or your baby.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (ACOG) recommends a minimum activity level of 30 mins per day .

We can not overemphasise the need to speak with your doctor on the many options available to keep fit .

You can join a class for expectant mothers ,some hospitals run this and this could be a wonderful time to bond with other pregnant women or enroll in a gym with a qualified prenatal instructor .

Once you start to exercise you will notice the benefits instantly and your body will thank you for it,the common pains and aches will disappear as a result of exercising your joints and muscles .

As your pregnancy progresses, you will realise that it has become routine for you even up until after your baby is born ,also helping you to get your pre-baby body back.

So get up and lets get fit and fab!