Who says you can’t be pregnant and stay beautiful!

We believe that for a woman to exude confidence she has to love the way she looks,and so for many the eyebrow is the starting point .This is a first in one of many Pregnant and staying beautiful articles we will be featuring as a result of a partnership with Zaron Cosmetics,Nigeria’s foremost beauty brand, where we will be giving you quick and easy on the go makeup tips.

A beautiful face starts from beautiful well groomed brows. The perfect brows should be neat and in a shape that enhances and suits the face. Every individual has eyebrows that are unique and tailored to their face hence should be shapened as such.

A perfectly shaped brow should have its starting point coincide with the inner corner of the eye (the tear duct) and then slowly rise to form an arch. The arch of the brows is usually at the highest point of the eyebrow and should be at the point where an imaginary diagonal line, cutting through the middle of the eye, meets the brows.
The eyebrows should taper off at the end and should not exceed the outer corner of the eye.

If your natural brows are light or sparse, you define them by filling them in using either a brow pencil or definer (powder formula).
Fill in the brows using your choice of definer in short, light strokes, applied in the direction of growth. You should go heavier or darker on, lighter areas of the brow.

eye brow definer

To further define the eyebrows and make them stand out, you should apply concealer directly beneath the eyebrows, making sure to blend downwards unto the brow bone. Foundation with a thick consistency can also be used to achieve this.


Please note that the concealer or foundation used to define the brows should be the same shade or a shade lighter than your skin tone. Using concealer a shade lighter than your skin tone highlights the brows thereby making them appear more prominent on the face.

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