Creating a comfort zone for your new arrival can be very overwhelming and confusing if you don’t know what to do. There are many things to consider when setting up a nursery, easy as it may seem certain things have to be properly dealt with before the project can begin. We have put together a list of things to consider.

Safety is key – before you even start to formulate any ideas for the nursery, safety should be your utmost priority. Things to consider such as the ventilation of the room , as this is where your precious one will spend most of the time , you want to make sure the room is airy and not stuffy ,check the wall for any traces of mold , as this could be very dangerous and pose a health risk for your newborn ,make sure the wall is properly treated before any work commences , if possible have the room fumigated . Check to make sure there are no exposed sockets or wires left hanging about the room.


Stick to a budget – setting up a baby’s nursery doesn’t have to cost a ton of money, you will be pleasantly surprised to know there are lot of items you can get on a budget .Set a budget and try not to exceed it or you will end up wasting money that could have been used for other things .This is the time to go all creative, instead of hiring a painter you can take your time to paint the nursery with your partner or ask family members to help out.

You can also re-purpose things around the house that are not in use , like a table as a changing area or using a settee in the house as a feeding chair . This is the one time to call up favors from friends and family members, ask them to contribute baby items they no longer use .This will go a long way in helping to curtail your spending and help you save some money .

Be Practical– of course every parent wants the best for their child, but remember this is a child’s room and not a show room, so make sure that you consider your child’s overall comfort. Do you want to use a carpet, rug or rubber mat as a floor covering or would you rather just stick with the tiles already in place, if so how often will this room be cleaned? Do not over stuff the room with unnecessary items that your child will end up not using, make the room spacious and neat, use shelves and cupboards to keep things locked up .

Baby-Boy-Disney-Nursery-Themes. homizy

Choose a Theme – Every project has to have a theme or else at the end of the day you will be so exhausted from having to choose from many ideas. So choose a theme and stick with it. You will be so happy with how easy things will go once you know where things are headed. There are countless options and inspirations to choose from online stores and magazines, or if you are a creative come up with a unique idea of your own. What are you waiting for? Start the search !

Color Guide

Colours– choosing a color for the wall is what will set the tone of the room, you can opt for the popular pink for girls, blue for boys, good old cream or the reliable white. The wall then becomes your canvas and you are free to decorate as you want. You can use wall decals to achieve any look you want , these are not expensive and can be found in any craft or baby store .

Get busy decorating!

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