Recently in the news we heard of a mother who had an accident with her 18 month old daughter, their car plunged into a river killing the mother, while her daughter was found alive still trapped to her car seat, a day and a half after the accident .

As a new mum , a car seat should be one of the items to purchase when shopping for your newborn or else wait until the baby is born since you would need the height and weight of the baby to buy the most suitable car seat .
From the moment your child is born the safety of your child should be of utmost priority either in the house or on the road as you move around .

Here in Nigeria, we are lax about in car safety for babies and children alike, but in the developed countries , it is mandatory for any one transporting a child to have a car seat for your newborn or a booster seat for an older child.

According to the National Health and Safety Administration (NHTSA) ,car crashes remain the number one cause of deaths for children under 12 years,”Child safety seats reduce the risk of death in passenger cars by 71 percent for infants and by 54 percent for kids ages 1 to 4″.

How do you even know the right type of car seat to purchase for your newborn . you can start by knowing the different types of car seats available such as :


This is designed mainly for newborns and can accommodate a weight category of about 16kg .These are detachable and can act as a baby carrier while out of the car .There is a tendency to buy another one as soon as your child outgrows this .

It is important for parents to know that Babies should be kept in a rear facing position , which is facing the back window ,until they are 2 years. Rear facing ensures that the infant is properly secure and is protected from any road mishaps . Choosing the seat can be determined by the height and weight specification on the car seat. As the child grows older, he or she will graduate to using forward facing seats .

car seat



This is made for newborns up to a weight category of about 18 kg and can be converted to a rear facing seat or a forward facing seat .This is usually a good option for bigger babies with the rear facing view as they grow into a forward facing view. Be sure to get a seat that is not big, but fits perfectly and can be adjusted to suit varying sizes.



Read the manual properly to make sure the car seat is properly fixed .

Infants and children under age two should be kept facing the rear .

Quality care seats will protect your child .

Use the measurement and height of your child to determine the best buy for your baby .

Car seats save lives !