It’s party time whoop ! whoop !

A baby shower is usually a time when friends and family get together to celebrate the impending arrival of a baby. This is usually done months or even weeks before the baby comes. Presents are given to both mother and her new arrival. The planning usually falls to friends, family or even a coworker to organize, sometimes without the knowledge of the celebrant. It is an opportunity for the mum to be to get together with friends and family and get last minute parenting advice, but mostly celebrate the addition to the family. Check out our list of ideas for putting together a baby shower.


To plan a baby shower, one must put the pregnant mum in to consideration , find out when she has to go into the hospital ,so the baby shower is not cancelled at the last minute .To avoid any unforeseen circumstances ,you can hold it a month or few weeks before her delivery date and make sure invited guests will be available on that day.



If it’s meant to be a surprise shower then planning it at the celebrant’s house is out of the question , choose the house of a close family member or restaurant remember you want to make her feel as comfortable as possible . You can plan the party around a theme so its cohesive , it could be planned around a favorite song , restaurant ,movie or song like reality TV star, Kourtney kardashian’s baby shower was planned around her favorite movie ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s while Actress Kerry Washington had a garden themed baby shower.

So get those creative juices flowing.



baby-shower1 INVITE

Do you want a big party with lots of strangers or an intimate setting with only family and close friends? Draw up a guest list with the help of the celebrant’s husband or partner so important family members are not left out. Invitees can be informed by telephone, email or by sending out cards, but remember to inform them weeks ahead. Decide if men and children will be allowed to attend.



Finger foods are ideal for this type of setting but if you want to go for a full course meal that’s fine .if you know the sex of the baby , you can use the birth colour as a guide , pink for a girl and blue for a boy, if not just combine both colours . You can have cupcakes, candies and even the drinks can be colour coded so everything rhymes with the colours of the day .





You can invent any game as long as its baby or mommy themed and is such to keep everyone entertained, games like :

Don’t say baby – if you mention the word baby you pay a fine and it goes to a piggy bank for the baby.

Dirty diaper –melt various brands of chocolate onto the diaper and each person names the brand of chocolate.

Drink up baby – Fastest to finish a drink in baby bottles .

Dress the baby – fastest to dress up a doll



You can buy gifts for the mother and baby as a group, be it as friends or co-workers. But remember to get something unique that both mother and child will use. Getting something as simple as a baby journal to picture frames or the baby clothes and toys which everyone is sure to give. You can give out something personalized with the name of the baby if you know it .