All over the world, expectant mothers are usually inundated with a barrage of unsolicited advice from family and friends, giving a long list of dos and don’ts during Pregnancy, we have put together a collection of pregnancy myths from around the world including various from Nigeria, they might seem funny, but many women have adhered strictly to them .So the question we pose, is this fact or myth, can they be scientifically proven to have worked? Many of these cannot be scientifically proven, but common sense dictates that you not engage in anything that will endanger your life and that of your unborn child.

It is believed that eating okra soup or drinking cod liver oil will help the child slide out easily during childbirth.

Eating plantain will make your child have jaundice.

Drinking pepper soup with alligator pepper will ease delivery pains.

Bathing while pregnant can cause your child to have birth defects.

Having sex during pregnancy is harmful to your child.

Spicy foods will bring about an onset of early labor.

Wrapping your arms above your head is dangerous as it will make the umbilical cord wrap around your baby’s neck thereby causing suffocation.

Walking in the sun makes you susceptible to evil spirits; to ward off evil spirits, attach a safety pin to the inner lining of your dress.

In Pakistan, a pregnant woman should not associate with a bereaved mother or she will lose her child.

In India, women who want fair skinned children should eat only foods that are white and not colored.

To have a beautiful child, hang the pictures of beautiful children around your house.

You can tell the sex of your child by the size of your bump, if it is low you are having a boy and if it is high you are having a girl.

If you hear your baby cry in the womb, your child will be gifted.

Pregnant cravings determine the sex of your child, if you have sweet cravings; it means you are having a girl, while spicy or hot cravings means a boy.

Drinking cold water will make your child catch a cold.

In China, it is believed that for a woman to carry her pregnancy to full term, her husband must carry her over burning coal when entering the house.

Don’t gossip or laugh loudly in order not to attract evil spirits

Eating spicy food will make your child blind.

Most births occur during a full moon.

If a mad man hits you, your child will be demented.