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Product Sampling

Our packs contain free samples , important information and expert advice from relevant brands designed to reach mum at each stage , from pregnancy to parenthood . The packs are distributed in hospitals and through retail partners which allows our clients to get products directly into the hands of the mother. Our parent company Business Direct Services (BDS)




  • TAP sample packs provide an incredibly personal and powerful vehicle to reach mums.
  • Connection with a woman as she becomes pregnant by introducing products at a time in her life when she is weighing options for a life changing experience.
  • The experiential engagement that the packs provide, allows brands to connect with the consumer.
  • With the insertion of a leaflet or an actual sample, the overall new user conversion rate stacks up at a huge 40%.
  • An astonishing 89% is projected as average sample usage rate.
  • Further to this, up to 50% of respondents claimed they were an advocate of the said sample product.
  • Boasts of the largest database collection for mothers and newborns through our registration process.




  • Leaflet Insertion
  • 3D Samples
  • Merchandise Gifts
  • Product Distribution to a select Audience
  • Product Distribution to select Locations