Many parents tend to go on a shopping spree for the baby even before it’s arrival , at the end of the day they are left with loads of stuff that the child may not even use till they are much older. To make life easier for you when you have to go shopping we have drawn up a list ,since It is quite a long list when you put together all that the baby will require from birth. We have therefore segmented the requirements into clothing and sleep ,feeding and bath time and others.


The most important item that a new born will need immediately after birth is obviously clothes.

long onesies

Onesies or body suits – these are quite handy, you can get onesies in all types of colours, and sizes for essentially the first 6 months of your baby’s arrival. You can subsequently get outfits for family outings and social functions.


Vests which can be worn underneath the onesies or on its own depending on the weather .it comes in short and long variations.

Socks and booties –most times socks or booties are not really necessary if you will be dressing the baby in body suits, since the feet will be covered anyway but sometimes you may need one because of the weather to keep the baby’s feet warm.

mittens and booties

Hats – to keep the head warm, may not be used if the weather is extremely hot.

Sweater – this is dependent on the weather conditions

Swaddling cloth-soft blankets or piece of cloth used to wrap the baby to restrict movement and keep the baby warm.



Sleeping bag – this is a bag like garment or covering for sleep worn by babies.

<img src=”×300.jpeg” alt=”BCSBAG09″ width=”199″ height=”300″ class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-4903″

<img src=”×290.jpg” alt=”BCSBAG01″ width=”300″ height=”290″ class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-4895″


Sleep wear – you also have body suits for sleeping, which is not any different from the usual day wear.

Beddings –
If your baby is going to be sleeping on their own then you will require the following items to keep them comfortable.

Bed sheets – bed covering for the mattress.

Blanket – to keep warm .

BCBLANKET14 rolled

Baby Blanket

Crib bumper – this is a protective pad which protects your child from falling off the bed .It is usually put within the sides of the crib .

baby bumper

BCBUMPER03 Lifestyle

Mattress- choose a mattress that is relatively firm. You can source locally like the Vitafoam children’s mattress which can be resized to any measurement .

Vita Baby Cot Mattress 2-500x500

Crib or cot – small bed specifically made for babies, which can either be called a crib , cot or a moses basket.

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