It is bad enough that your body is constantly changing and you feel tired all the time as a result of your growing bump and you are constantly in need of a nap ,but it’s also worse when you can’t even get a good night’s sleep.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, almost 80 percent of pregnant women suffer from disturbed sleeping patterns and they end up feeling grumpy during the day .You may be sleep deprived as a result of nightly interruptions because you have to use the bathroom or plain old restlessness, simply because it is proving difficult to find the right position to sleep.

Sleep Expert, Brandon Peter states that inadequate quality or quantity of sleep may undermine a mother’s daytime function and mood, possibly resulting in problems with attention, concentration and memory. Higher incidences of depression may also result. These issues may affect communication and social interactions. For many women, these issues may persist into the first few weeks after delivery, especially because the child’s nighttime feedings may continue the fragmentation of sleep.

Are you also aware that chronic sleep disorders during pregnancy can have an adverse effect on your growing child?

Chronic sleep disorders during pregnancy are called sleep Apnea and can cause hypertension , gestational diabetes in the mother and while studies have shown that this could led to preterm birth or developmental challenges in the child as well. Dealing with lack of sleep is much easier to tackle before it leads to a life threatening condition for you and your baby .

Set a bed time routine and do not deviate from it , this will help your body get in sync once it’s time to sleep .

Have a warm bath; this will help to calm your nerves and relieve tension as a result of stress.

Drink something warm hours before bed time like chamomile tea or milk to soothe you.

Moderate your liquid intake at night to avoid waking up at odd hours to pee.

Sleep during the day, if the night time is not working for you; make sure you catch some shut eye during the day.

Ask your partner for a body rub before you sleep.

Black out any sounds that may distract you like noise from your television or radio.

Turn your lights off , bright lights in your room might be one reason why you can’t sleep .


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