The Audrey Pack (TAP) team was recently in Abuja, the aim of the trip was to activate hospitals and meet with the management of MSH and stock hospitals already receiving the Audrey pack.

The National Hospital Abuja was activated after a 45mins meeting with the management to discuss the Audrey pack and its benefits to the hospital.The Head of the clinic, Dr. Ogugua Osi-Ogbu was very impressed and appreciated TAP for the good work in helping to reduce maternal and child mortality in Africa.


She subsequently contacted the Head, University Teaching Hospital, Abuja as he confirmed he was aware of TAP and its impact as his patients have benefited from the several incentives.
The officials of the different departments of the hospital were also looking forward to workshops organized by TAP and are willing to participate.


Dr. Ogugua signified interest to be actively involved in the Paint the Road Pink, breast cancer awareness campaign as she sees a great need to enlighten women on it.


At the maternal ward, 126 women were present for antenatal, which is the same number on any given day . Packs were delivered, as others who filled forms will receive their packs before the end of the month. New born packs were given to new mums who delivered the night before at the hospital. The women are all looking forward to PMP Workshops, the sleep workshop and other workshops from TAP .