3m baby

It’s been ninety days since your baby was born and has come home with you ,by this time as a mother you should be settling in to the daily routine of looking after your baby .Your baby too has also adjusted to life outside the womb with less fussing and crying and is ready to explore their new environment .

Remember the first smile from your baby? Well now it will be a full grin and even sometimes a laugh as the facial muscles develop.

Your baby will begin to explore with the hands by trying to place hands in the mouth or towards the eyes. Hand to eye coordination is developing , your baby may begin to grasp at objects set before the eyes .

You might find your baby getting frustrated because of inability to get up on their own as they can wave both hands and legs this is because the joints and muscles are rapidly getting stronger by the day .

Baby babble becomes more animated , which is good for when actual talk begins. So keep the conversation going, even though they may not understand you but will respond with sounds .

Your baby is developing fast, when kept on the tummy may soon start to roll on to the back ,so keep a close eye and do not leave your baby unattended .

By now your baby knows you and can even recognize the sound of your voice , your baby will react upon hearing your voice by babbling or making sounds .

You can stimulate your baby’s senses by placing colourful items in front of them , read , sing or play music .

Your baby may begin to hold the head and neck without any support , when placed on the tummy they will begin to push upwards .

You may notice fewer diaper changes due to fewer bowel movements .

As for sleep , by this time some babies would have already settled in to a sleep pattern , but not to worry if yours hasn’t.

We always like to stress that not all babies are the same and may not all develop at the same pace .