Hello Audrey Mums,

March 14th is celebrated worldwide as the world sleep day and in keeping with this tradition ,our topic for today is on the importance of sleep and simple things to do to get your baby sleeping .

Most new mums will admit that the most difficult part of taking care of a baby is the constant struggle with sleep.Now,this is if you are among the unlucky few who have to constantly look for new ways to get your baby to sleep.

You become an instant musician by singing all sorts of songs to the high heavens to get that little one to sleep until your voice becomes coarse or read the same book over and over again at bedtime.

Whichever method you try out ,we all know that sleep is important for our growing babies .

Here are a few simple things to do.

We advise that you stick to a routine or a sleep pattern ,it might be difficult at first ,but once your baby gets a hang of it ,its smooth sailing all the way .

Make sure your baby’s diaper is dry before sleep time.

Wear comfortable and loose clothing at sleep time.Many mums tend to overdress their babies at night, thereby causing them discomfort when they get hot at night.

Make sure the room is quiet and devoid of any loud noise or sounds.

A warm bath and massage will help put your baby to sleep.

You would be surprised that some soothing music can help put a baby to sleep.

Use a sleeping bag.

Alot seems to happen developmentally while the little ones are asleep and it is essential to keep your baby comfortable .

Have you heard of a sleeping bag?

This is a specially designed bag like garment for sleep worn by babies.some come with zips or flaps to keep your little one safely tucked in at night.These are just a few benefits of using a sleep bag.

It creates a cosy and comfortable sleep environment for your baby.

Your baby is sleep trained once he or she begins to associate sleep time with the sleep bag.

Your child is not left irritable and cold due to sporadic kicking which is normal for sleeping babies.

Keeps the body temperature at the right level.

There is no need for extra bedding or cover cloth.

It helps to reduce the incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS).

Mothers are looking for alternatives to getting their kids to sleep properly,whatever method you choose remember that a happy baby makes a happier mother.