9 month

Slowly but surely , your baby is approaching the one year mark ! Have you noticed any changes or difference even in their appearance?

By this month , your baby should be grabbing onto furniture to stand ,some might even attempt to take a first step.

Your baby’s social skills have improved baby is now more playful and can respond by waving and can even say bye bye .

Baby has become more adept at using both hands by grabbing throwing , shaking and banging items.

Baby begins to understand the meaning of the word no.

You may begin to notice your baby show preference for certain items or a toy.

It is expected that by this month , your baby would have transitioned to solids , so try to introduce a variety of nutritious foods to them . Try to make the food as colorful and appealing .

Get ready to hear the first words , often times ,babies say ‘dada’ before ‘Mama’ , mother’s no need to worry , they will eventually come round to calling you .

Your baby’s curiosity and drive to explore is at its highest , so try to introduce new objects and call them by name to their hearing .


Development by the 10th month is very rapid .

Hand to mouth coordination is very strong , some babies can pick up food and put in their mouth.

Crawling is quickly established , for some they will resort to cruising by dragging their bottoms on the floor, all in an effort to move from one point to the other . Some babies might be taking their first steps by this month , if your baby hasn’t started walking ,no need to worry some babies may not yet be confident by this month to begin walking.

Recognition of items is established,when you mention items your baby knows what you mean.

Babbling is becoming more discernible and clearer , speech development is at a whole new level .

Now that your baby is able to move around and pick up objects make sure you remove all items that may be harmful such as cables and chords or small objects that can be put in the mouth like batteries,jewelry or coins.

Your baby will love reading time , so get books with textures or are very descriptive with pull out shapes or animals, books with sounds will also make an interesting read .

Introduce music that is entertaining and educative , this is sure to to grab their attention .

Set boundaries for your baby by teaching them what is right and wrong, you might think they do not understand , you will be surprised at the things your baby learns through constant observation .