By this month , your baby will be able to roll over from tummy to back, though the age when rolling varies some start earlier while others may wait till about six or seven months . But you can encourage your baby to roll over by placing items within their reach to try and reach out or catch a favorite toy or an object .

Signs of Teething may begin like your baby gnawing or rubbing at the gums .Each child handles teething differently while some become irritable, dribble a lot of spit and cry , for others it might be a slight fever.
It is not a pleasant phase but you can help by providing chew toys to help relieve the discomfort , there are also teething gels available to rub on the gums to help numb the pain for a short while .Once the first tooth emerges the discomfort eases away .

By now your baby’s vision is developed enough to look at things from a distance and will typically prefer to look at things up close and begins to follow moving things from side to side, even reacting to bright colours, as the baby will be able to distinguish colours.

Babbling has become more defined and you will begin to hear audible vowel sounds like aah and ooh and as the months go by you can expect to hear a more defined word, baby will even begin to respond to his or her name when called.

Play time is fun time, your baby will enjoy play time and is becoming more aware, may even start to cry once you stop playing .

Your baby will respond to affection, so try and help your baby feel secure and loved by cuddling and gently caressing .As your baby’s emotions develop he or she will begin to express pain , frustration , curiosity and fear. .
Your baby has become used to you and the eyes will light up when he or she sees you ,will smile back at you and may even react y putting up a fuss when you have to leave the room .

You can begin to distinguish your baby’s temperaments as the personality begins to develop by the reactions to certain things such as noise or when people are around , when hungry and activity level .

Please remember that each child is unique and will develop at his or her own pace. but if you notice anything out of place do not hesitate to seek the advice of your doctor.