Congratulations, your baby has made it to the halfway mark , motherhood has become very interesting and in another six months you will be celebrating a first birthday.

You may have noticed that your baby is totally different from the little one you brought home from the hospital six months earlier , now your baby is growing at an alarming rate and is getting confident and bolder by the day .

By now ,your baby should be sitting on his or her own ,lunging forward to get things.If you have not baby proofed your house ,this is the about the best time to do so,because once your baby starts to crawl,exploration mode is fully turned on .

Teething would have begun by now ,you will notice alot of drooling ,sooner than expected those pearly whites will be bursting forth.

Begins to put things in the mouth , it is advisable to get chew toys or washable toys to avoid any germs or bacteria getting into your baby’s system.

Can roll over in both directions and might even begin to crawl,create a conducive and spacious place for baby to crawl about.

Your baby is now more comfortable and playful around strangers .

More boisterous and playful, always looks happy.

There is instant recognition of both parents by your baby.

Will begin to respond to own name.

Regular and familiar sounds will be imitated by your baby.

He or she loves to hear the sound of their own voice , get ready for alot of noise .

If you place baby in an upright position ,baby will bounce up and down.The legs have become much more sturdier.

By the sixth month , your baby is expected to have gained some considerable weight ,which is about twice their original birth weight or even more.

Your baby is becoming fully aware of their face ,likes to look in the mirror.

Solid foods have been introduced and your baby is getting accustomed to them .Remember to make sure it has a smooth consistency.