This is quite an interesting month as you will notice that development in your baby is rapid,all the months of quiet buildup will begin to manifest as your baby is getting stronger and confident by the day .

Your baby should be able to sit upright unaided, for some it may require a bit of support like putting a pillow at the back or propping the baby up against a sofa.

The attempt to crawl begins in earnest as your baby explores the immediate surrounding by reaching out for objects placed within their reach.

Baby’s grip has become much more firmer and stronger and allows them to pick up things at will and hold on for longer periods,you can introduce a drinking bottle or a sippy cup as the baby will be able to hold it on their own .

There is definitely a change in the amount of time that your baby spends sleeping, your baby may not be sleeping as much as in the early stages.
Sleep time is considerably reduced ,nap time is now twice during the day,in the morning and after lunch, while at night it will be longer and may be uninterrupted.

Some mothers start introducing their babies to solids from as early as five months but do not force it on your child if no interest is shown from them.

Signs that your baby is ready for solids include the following;

Baby grabs plate and puts food in the mouth.

Puts tongue out and smacks lips while you are eating.

Your baby is ready for solids when he or she shows signs that they can push food or lick food off a spoon ,this then means that when food is put in the mouth ,it can be pushed down with the tongue to the back of the mouth to be swallowed.

Solids given to babies must have a smooth consistency for the baby to be able to swallow foods like pap,amala,cereal,mashed banana,potatoes and boiled egg can be introduced.

Don’t we all love the precious sounds babies make when they laugh?
Baby will be able to laugh or giggle at you when you make funny sounds or make funny faces at them.

Communication between mother and child is getting more defined.As a mother you can clearly distinguish between sounds that mean,I am hungry,tired,fussy ,sleepy or just excited.

Your baby is communicating to you his or her needs and it is left to you to discern by keen observations.

You will hear a lot of buzzing and bubbles as your baby is practising for eventual talk time which is expected to commence in a few months.

We always advice that no two babies are the same as each child develops at his or her own pace.
If you notice anything out of the ordinary , do endeavour to speak with your doctor.