How the month has gone so fast and your one month old is gradually advancing in age and you are asking yourself where did the time go? With your two month old baby , here are a couple of things to expect as the month rolls by.


Every mother waits in anticipation for when that little one will smile. Mums, get ready as your little one is about to burst forth a toothless smile and melt your heart. At two months, your baby will begin to smile so get ready to capture that precious moment which is sure to compensate for all those sleepless nights.


By this month , your baby’s grasp is so firm, that they can hold on to things for long and can’t let go. So mums with long hair get ready for some serious hair pulling by your baby .


You will notice your baby is already trying to imitate you by mimicking your words .Your child listens attentively to all that you say and will begin to pick up on every word said .A two month old will begin to practice talking by making different sounds beginning with a vowel , so listen attentively to all that babbling when it starts saying .


Because babies can’t talk , it does not mean they are not communicating with you . If you are observant enough , you will notice reactions and sometimes coos your baby makes for different situations such as yawning , frowning , crying and fussing when tired or smiling when happy .


Your baby can now see in colours you can encourage him or her by placing bright and colourful pictures within their line of sight to look at , you will notice your little one has also become quite inquisitive and will begin to explore his or her environment by scanning the room .


Your baby will gradually be able to hold his or her neck for a while , at this stage tummy time is encouraged so the baby can exercise the muscles in the neck.Your baby will also try to stand when held upright or placed on a flat surface .


By now , a sleep routine should have been established and your baby might be sleeping through the night , but not all babies follow through with this .

We would also like to emphasise that not all babies are the same ,so be patient with your baby , but if you notice anything out of the ordinary don’t hesitate to speak with your doctor .